Naked & Dead ?

We love having visitors even though there are few that come and totally accept social nudity. Our neighbour is one who pops in fairly regularly and chatters quite happily. Today she returned for a second visit of the day but this time she brought her sister with her who was on a quick holiday from Aberdeen. Although all 4 of us chatted fairly easily I felt there was an 'atmosphere'? Later when our neighbour had returned home she phoned us to explain something. Apparently her sister felt uneasy because back home she had recently had the sadness of her own neighbour passing away. He was also a naturist & spent most of everyday naked in his little bungalow. She had felt some sadness seeing me naked because I look like her deceased neighbour!!!
I apparently resemble a dead man when I'm naked?

We had planned to invite our neighbour to a charity fundraising event tomorrow, (clothed of course!) but somehow seeing her sister constantly weeping or comparing me to a dead man!
Are we being unkind? We don't think so, but perhaps there will be other events at some point in the future that we can invite both ladies to without memories of the departed lingering around!

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  1. This seems a little hard. It would be a pity if your neighbour was excluded because her sister was unhappy. The event may help her sister too just by being included. Why not ask them both but also ask if her sister would be happy to meet you again clothed and leave the decision to them.

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