Disappointed by my mother

Once a week my mother goes shopping at the big supermarket and she gets me some milk and sometimes some cakes or other food. She brings this round on her way home. It is not strictly necessary as I can shop, but it makes her feel wanted and it saves me lugging heavy milk cartons on my bicycle.
Usually she comes around lunchtime and when she rings the doorbell I put on some clothes before answering, although she does have a key for when I'm not home.
Yesterday at about 4:30pm I was reading in the garden naked and I heard a knock on the window and she called out the door. I thought maybe she would just put the stuff in the fridge and go, but she didn't seem to be going, so I got up to go see her.
I thought about putting my towel around me, but then thought 'No, it's too late for that, I'll just stay naked' and went into the kitchen.
But she didn't seem to like it. She wouldn't look in my direction.
I find this very strange and foolish. She is my mother. She has seen me naked a thousand times, she knows me intimately, she has even wiped my bum and all sorts. I have seen her naked. Why is she acting like this?
I find it a bit upsetting. She is insulting me and my lifestyle by acting so stupidly.
And it is so illogical. She has seen it all before.

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  1. Part of what you said " when she rings the doorbell I put on some clothes before answering" tells us that you know what she expected and you did not follow procedure.That was your error. as Patrick pointed out respect is key when dealing with a parent. She is not telling you how to live but she is obviously uncomfortable with this naked man.

  2. I agree with what has been said so far, I would add that maybe your mother deserves that awkward discussion to take place when she feels ready for it. I know that the situation is very difficult for you and you feel quite determined to make her see that you are right, but, this one lady in your world should have that extra tact & diplomacy. She may have washed your bare backside & she maybe spent many hours cleaning you in the bathtub. This adult situation is certainly a whole lot different for her & for you. The key word in this episode is… RESPECT.

  3. I think you should talk to her about it and tell her how you feel about her reaction. How to say it and when to start the discussion is up to you, it's your mother, you know her best. I am sure that everything will be alright and as Joe says, patience and love is the key.

  4. Sorry for that Augustus.
    If she were my mum Id think that with her behaviour she is trying to tell me that being naked is wrong while at the same time not wanting to say it loud.
    On the naked thing my mum reacts differently, still there are a number of issues between us I know its better not to argue about. If I were you I would not make a big deal out of it. Hope all is well !

  5. Humans are full of contradictions & illogical inconsistencies. I agree w/Albert, it may have taken her by surprise. She is still your mum, & now she knows you sunbathe nude. If she is still bothered after the surprise wears off, she can knock before entering. If she criticizes you, then you can point out the ideological inconsistencies while assuring her you love her, but being firm that you are who you are. She may very well come to accept your nudism. Some nudists have even gotten their senior parents to try nudism, but it takes time, patience & love. Best wishes!

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