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I blog and re-blog a lot of photos (almost 14000 on Tumblr plus Twitter and Google). I often get a request to stop blogging certain types of photos. Let me first say that a never blog anything pornographic or sexual. I never blog a photo that links to a sexploitation site. I may post the occasional erection or spread legs shot if it suits what I am trying to say in my caption. So what is the problem?

I get frequent requests not to post natural people that may show more body hair than some might wish or a body type that they would deem to be unattractive. My response is always the same. Nudism and naturism are for everyone. It is not about displaying oneself but about being content with oneself. Some will choose to unfollow me. That is there prerogative. I am not in this to get attention for myself, but to encourage nudism and naturism. Besides I have thousands of followers on Twitter and Tumblr, so somebody must like the images and my commentary.

When I hear such comments my reaction is that I am listening to the voice of advertisers who want us all to believe that we are not attractive, smell bad and could never attract anybody without their help. Or to the sexploitation industry that wants to turn nudity into a commodity for sale. To this end, they carefully airbrush and modify every image so that you are getting a false reality about the human body, to their benefit and our detriment.

This type of comment does not discourage me. It tells me that we all need to speak out and say, when it comes to humans, that we are inherently beautiful and we need to start believing it. There is no normal. Bodies can be any size, shape or colour. Body parts vary greatly in size and there is no shame in being at either extreme or in between. We need to stop shaming ourselves and start to reclaim our own image. You need to love yourself before you can love another or be loved by them. There is a danger in loving yourself too much that we need to guard against, but most of us suffer from body image issues and need to jettison them.

We all know that rubenesque figures were all the rage before the Twiggy generation came along and that the ancient Greeks prized small penises and considered large ones to be coarse. Things come and go in fashion. Should I shave or not? It is the same with tattoos and body piercings. What is right for one person may not be for you, but that does not make it wrong.

We all have preferences. We do with food and we do with the human body. That is okay as long as we remember not to judge others and make judgements about their bodies. Don't let your preference become a prejudice. And try to guard yourself from being brainwashed by the media. Advertising works and that is why they do it. Just remember that and catch yourself when their thoughts become yours.

I post more images of slender women that curvy ones, not because I want to but because that is the biggest source of images available to me. I post every curvy figure that I can. It is the same with minorities and less endowed individuals. I am trying to correct the false image that you have to be 36, 24, 36 (sorry for metric users) or a prefect 10 or to be endowed like John Holmes in order to feel good about yourself.

Let me know how you feel about this and how you deal with others who challenge the way you or others look.

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  1. I used to have a no erections policy but then got into splitting hairs because it is difficult to tell because some men are partially erect much of the time.They may gain only an inch or two between flaccid and erect while others may double in size. Now my policy is more no sexualization. Erections are not necessarily sexual. Little boys get them before they know what sex is. To determine sexual content I look at context. I also try to keep these to a minimum.

    I always find it strange that male nudists out number females by a wide margin and most of the photos that come across my screen are of young attractive females. It tells you that we value youth and health and that both men and most women prefer to see nude females.

    When asked why they don't look at male nudes many heterosexual women often comment that penises and testicles look funny or gross. I think that we have become conditioned, both men and women, to have the views that we do when it comes to nudity.

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