Driving naked across the western USA

Last week I was in Albuquerque, NM, USA. On Tuesday morning I left my hotel and drove to a gas station to fill up for my trip home. After the tank was full I shucked off my shirt and shorts standing between the pump and my Ford Windstar van. Then I hopped in and drove north on NM 550 toward Farminton. An hour or so later I pulled off on a side road near Cuba, NM, to get out and take a pee. It was a beautiful morning to be naked in the world with the sun shining. I walked around my van, appreciated the sunshine on my body, got back in and continued on northward.

I drove right on through Bloomfield, Farmington, and Shiprock, NM. Then I turned northward on 491 toward Cortez, Colorado, still driving naked. By now I had to pee again so I pulled off on another side road and enjoyed the morning sun again while taking care of an important body function. What a nice day.

I drove through Colorado and then needed to stop for gas in Moab, Utah. I pulled on my shirt and shorts as I stepped out of my van at the gas pump. Since it was about noonish I polled over and reparked, then went into the store and got a Subway sandwich to go. Having gotten my sandwich I shucked off my clothes again as I climbed back into my van. Driving naked through Utah on Highway 191 I made another body function stop on a side road before we came to Price, UT. From Price I drove naked over the mountains on Highway 6 to meet I-15 at Spanish Fork. By now it was afternoon rush hour and I cruised naked through Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, Utah, before coming to my overnight stop at a Days Inn in Brigham City, Utah. Alas, I had to put my shorts and shirt on to check in.

The next morning I put my stuff in the van including my shirts and shorts. Then I walked around the van for a final tire inspection before climbing in naked and heading north on I-15 again. I cruised past Pocatello and Idaho Falls, Idaho. I finally stopped for gas at Butte, Montana. They had another Subway at the gas in Butte so I got another sandwich for lunch. Have to wear shorts and shirts (but not shoes) in these stores. I didn't wear any shoes the whole trip.

After lunch I again offed my clothes, got in, and headed west on I-90. Not far from Missoula, MT, I had to take another pee break on a sided road. I enjoy my brief outside exercise walking around the van in the sunshine checking tires and feeling the world on bare skin. A couple hours later I crossed into Idaho. Sometimes I stopped at official "rest areas" for a quick break from driving. With all the people around I feel obligated to wear my shorts and shirt into the restrooms. I try to park toward the end of the line of cars when parking naked, but the truth is that nobody is paying attention to other people coming and going.

By the end of the day on Wednesday I arrived home at my place about 20 miles out of Spokane, WA. Still driving naked, of course. Total naked driving trip about 1,300 miles.

Clothes are just uncomfortable when driving. They always bunch up around your crotch and your shirt scotches up on your back. Naked is just better. People are so silly.

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  1. I drive naked as often as I can. This includes short in-town drives. Just yesterday I drove naked to the hardware and grocery stores, then back home again. I don/doff my shorts in the front seat and keep a shirt on a hanger in the back of my SUV.

    • I tried getting into and out of shorts or long pants in the car, but I gave up because the steering wheel is my way and gravity pins my behind to the seat. It that works for you go for it. I now often open the door and rotate so my feet have more space. I put my feet into the proper leg holes and then stand up as I pull up the pants. The door keeps me mostly hidden. Nobody is watching anyway. People really aren't watching even when we feel "exposed" being naked. Glad you have been enjoying the naked drives.

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