Barely Seen?

We have heard of Bob's adventures driving naked and marvelled at his stamina aswell as his exploits, but I have to wonder what other untold adventures are waiting to be 'revealed' out there in our naked world?
Many years ago my ex-partner was something of a daredevil when it came to being naked whenever (& where ever) she wanted to be. I do have many stories about our 6 years together that would possibly just fit in with many of you across the globe, but a few were just so "odd" I was often astounded that we didn't see the inside of more police cells than we saw of open-mouthed stares of amazement.
One holiday way back in 1985 took us from the UK to visit her uncle in Lagos Nigeria who was getting a retirement award gift of a house (yes a house!) from his company. When we arrived at approximately 5:30am one Tuesday morning the heat was already so intense that we felt seared in open air sun. By the time we arrived at the hotel we were already soaked with perspiration. In the foyer where crowds were either arriving or leaving we stood in exasperation waiting for some one to give us a room. As a young man stood in front of us took off his shirt, my partner Angie decided to remove her blouse top & her bra! There were gasps from nearby Nigerians and almost screams from about 8 other Europeans! Her tanned and evenly bronzed breasts still looked glaringly white next to several much darker skins. After about 20 minutes we were being taken to a room on ground level just a few minutes walk away from reception. The person showing us into our room found it difficult to take his eyes of Angies now extended nipples, I put the cases on the bed and found a few small denomination notes to give the man, just as I saw Angie slip off her skirt and almost minute panties.
I had to literally push the man out of the room.
So within 25 mins of arriving at a hotel in a West African city my partner was naked and causing shock waves all around the building! By the time we had sat having cold drinks on our 'patio area' for half'n'hour the population of employment at the hotel had passed by within 3 feet of us.
(But maybe that was the sight of my very white nude body that caused it?)

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