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It becomes very uncomfortable during the hot months of summer. Especially when you get heatwaves that soars temperatures over 35°c/95°f. For many of us it’s no big deal, we can handle the heat. However, when/if you’re 65 years old or more, many people can not handle the heat as the younger individuals.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because our elders suffer from heat stroke more than us younger than they are. I can not imagine how the textile elderly feel when it is already hot outside and they have to dress and put more layers on. I’m only taking a wild guess that perhaps, just maybe, this is why there are more people who are older in Naturism today — or is it because of something else. I don’t truly know the answer for their being more people who are older in Naturism. Most of my life growing up I’ve always been asking myself this question and never really asked the question to people simply because at the time i felt it was irrelevant to ask someone.

Recently, I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if when the weather was 35°c/95°f with the humidity that it would be legal to be clothing optional anywhere on your own land/balcony, beaches, parks or swimming pools? The idea is much more likely to me to come true one day than to have it clothing optional everywhere you want to be regardless if it was hot or not. Though I still think we’re a long way before any of that to happen anytime soon since the way society seems to view Naturism/Nudism as a sexual statement and not as a way of life. It’s going to take a lot more educating the public the difference before we can see a body positive future in public Naturism/Nudism as something liberating and free way of life.

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