From heaven to hell

The year 2015 started great and I expected to have one of the best year`s of my live. I was excited to join the NEWT, vist the saxon swiss for two weeks nude hiking and meet some nice people in august. My dad invitet me to visit him in Florida at the end of the year.
Fantastic, it can`t get better than this, I thought and was terribly right. In april my best girlfriend died, in may my beloved 3 year old tomcat passed away. June sarted with an inflammation of the bladder and ended with the information of my urologist thet I need a surgery at beginning of july. I was counting month,weeks and days till Newt and had to stop the countdown at 10 days.The doctor tolld me to avoid exertion the next 3 to 4 weeks so there was still hope to participate the saxon swiss nude hiking in august. But, I?ve been too early pleased because the diagnosis a few days after the first surgery was malignant tumors. So guess what, another surgery in august where im going to loose my bladder, prostate and eaven more than this. So there is still my trip to Florida left, I hoped.I I talked with somebody from an encounter group and was told that I probably would not survive the flight to the US and the first 6 month after that kind of surgery will be really hard and it takes about 1.5 years to recover halfway. Oh well , I forgot to mention the health problems of my mother since febuary and I was renovating my home and I am not able to finish the started work. Everybody tells me to think positive, belive me, I really would like to. At least i never have to fear an unwanted errection, because I will need medication to get an errection, if I`m lucky, am I lucky?

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  1. My luck holds on.I have a verry, verry rare kind of cancer called angiosarcoma, less than 20 reportet cases worldwide of angiosarcoma in the bladder since 1907. Nobody survived more than 6 years, average is two years. Surgery will be next week wednesday.

    • I doubt medical knowledge would have been capable of finding & diagnosis angiosarcoma in 1907 (likely the 1st diagnosis of this cancer/location. This leads me to suspect that most of the diagnosis is more recent. Medical science (knowledge) is increasing constantly & treatments are improving as well, allowing people to survive diseases that would have been terminal a few years earlier.

      Looking mortality in the face causes us to re-evaluate our priorities in light of our limited powers & time on earth. It also can cause us to re-evaluate our beliefs re: the afterlife. While I'm confident that everyone who reads your post hopes that you & your surgeons are able to eliminate the cancer, we all will die someday. That fact should cause each of us to cherish each day & use our time wisely. Please let us know your PR progress. -Prayers, Joe.

  2. The old saying is <when it rains it pours> and that is often true. The God's honest truth is that sometimes life sucks. Life is also better than the alternative.
    I was "lucky" in that my colon cancer was found early and the surgery got all of it.Recovery does take time but it comes and it comes one day at a time.

    Loss of a loved one takes grieving. This Sunday I drive south to attend services for a close cousin who just passed. The world just keeps twirling along but we do survive.
    I have had a limp penis for years but I have discovered our sexuality far surpasses our penis' small contribution.

  3. Some people get more than their share of challenges. Just like the young child with significant illness, it is hard to imagine why you should have to endure such difficulty, especially in such short order.

    I can only encourage you to take one day at a time, and do your best to endure what must seem overwhelming circumstances.

    Friendship is essential, & I'd strongly recommend getting another pet to help keep your spirits up. No one can replace a loved one who has passed, but your girlfriend would want you to succeed in her absence just as you would the same for her, had you passed. To the degree possible, you should seek the company of friends and make new ones as you can.

    Best wishes for skilled surgeons & a swift recovery. You are much more than your body, & while life will be challenging due to these physical setbacks, you have much to offer others. When you encourage others, despite your own hardships, you will find you receive strength & encouragement in return.

    There are wealthy, healthy hermits who die alone without friends; you are loved by your family and no doubt friends as well. Those who are loved are the luckiest people of all! Regards,

  4. John.
    Luck probably has nothing to do with it. You are strong however. You will remain in my thoughts for a swift recovery. Goodness knows, you need the confusion and shadow of the past few months to lift. Until that know that friends are here.


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