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About me

I am a hard working guy, who loves his wife and kids (one grown son, and wife, and two teenaged grandsons). I also enjoy my brothers and sisters, and friends from high school and college (whether they are nudist or not). I am quite comfortable with friendships who are clothed persons, and never press them into discomfort with the openness of my lifestyle, but live and let live.I am also a member of the York Rite Masonic Lodge, where I enjoy the fellowship of men honing their ancient craft of masonry. Also, I am a member of the O.T.O. where I have increased my knowledge of self and my skills as a Magician of Thelema. With all this said, I do enjoy people most of all. Classical music, playing the violin, singing in choirs, stripping naked and running through the forests, dodging unsuspecting hikers, ha ha. Then taking my wife to a small town diner for slices of homemade pie and coffee.

Who I'd like to meet

I'd like to meet persons who enjoy meeting others who are real and caring about themselves and sensitive to the beauty and joy of our lives as creatures of this earth. With that said, I want to meet Naturists who are real, not militant. If you are militant about being nude with me, I am not the friend for you. I do not want to speak for naturism or nudity, but I want to speak for myself and the person I am becoming, which much of the time is with my clothes on since I work or enjoy all kinds of friends. If you need to know whether this or that person in my circle of local friends is nude, my answer will be, "What difference does it make?" PLEASE DO NOT ASK. The first lesson of Naturism is to love people for who they are, and that goes for clothed people first. Clothed people are the ones we interface with on a daily basis, and clothed people are the ones who will one day embrace us naked ones and allow an expression of public nudity. If you like anything that I have mentioned above, I would be delighted to talk to you about those things that have to do with what I have found Naturism is truly about: being honest and comfortable with myself. Let's be friends!



I enjoy going to concerts with my wife. We have been to see Elton John and Billy Joel in concert who simply blew my mind, such beautiful music! We also have season tickets to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. We enjoy both the Pops Series and the Classical Series of concerts. My wife has taught me to enjoy Country and Western Music: Johnny Cash, George Jones, Willy Nelson, Dolly Parton. Classic Rock is great too! Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Beetles, among others.I was raised in a musical home. My Mom played violin in the symphony orchestra and taught us too. I still play violin for my own pleasure. Sometimes for my family too. I also love to sing in choirs with my wife. We enjoy the beautiful classics of choral music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic. I am particularly fond of the Romantics. My favorites are Mahler, Vaughn Williams, and Wagner.

Clubs, organizations or federations

A tough category this is! When ever I get out on the trails and forests anywhere, my clothes inevitably get stripped off, my ass is bare, and I am running through the woods – which has posed a problem for me in National Forests and Parks for years. Such behavior, while natural and good to me, is terribly impolite if not illegal in the United States.Finally, I had to fess up to myself with some honesty. I am either crazy or nudist. To find out which, I checked out local Naturist Clubs to get a sense of the vibes, and soon discovered hundreds of guys and gals just like me. I was delighted. I joined the AANR. I began to network with other nudists around the State of Indiana, and eventually around the world. I discovered a beautiful philosophy of life that complemented my own sense of decency and self worth, while giving an outlet for Nature Recreation that I loved most. My favorite Club in Indiana for Naturists is a clothing optional one, Lake of the Woods. I enjoy Lake of the Woods in Valparaiso, Indiana for its serenity and beauty. Its crystal clear lake is surrounded by forests with old homes and cabins which Nudist families and couples have enjoyed for almost a century. Lake of the Woods is only open to the public in the summer where its beach, pool, boats, fishing, camping, and trails, open to the delight of persons of all ages who wish to explore their love for Naturism in a safe, non-threatening environment. At Lake of the Woods, I am in the company of other pleasant and positive nudists with whom I may relax, enjoy nature, and shed all the stress of the city, job, and responsibility from which I come. Apart from the spiritual retreat of Lake of the Woods, most importantly, is the retreat to my home where nudity with my wife, I am nude after work in the evenings, and weekends. But apart from the obvious, there is is my family with whom I enjoy enjoy nutritious cooking and over eating, sunbathing, watching old classic films, artistic endeavors (painting and sketching), music(playing the violin and singing in choirs), as well as loving our home. We raises roses and herbs in the summer with some tomatoes and greens mixed in all surrounded by plenty of flowers.We are also members of the Indianapolis Art Center where we go to Exhibits, munch cookies, sip wine, and hob knob with the local art community. My wife takes classes at the Art Center and is an accomplished professional artist and painter. I have been known to strip down to my birthday suite to model for classes from time to time, but I prefer drawing and sketching classes where I can get the charcoal dust under my finger nails and quiet my mind with my art.It is plain to see as I reflect that Naturism has made me more ME! That is to say that I cannot be anyone but who I am, now that I am who I am – naked much of the time; and that whether my pursuits find me naked or clothed, I am the same person, only more.


We attend the Episcopal Church, and are proud to be Anglicans, who are Christians in relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. We love our christian community for its worldwide perspective, its openness to all types and cultures of persons, and it majestic and historic liturgy. Mostly, we love the music of our church for its dignity and diversity from the early church hymns of the martyrs to the gospel music of the Civil Rights movement, we sing with gusto and enthusiasm!We enjoy fishing in Canada in the summer. Swimming and picnicking with our loved ones is great. I am the BBQ chef extraordinaire! I once did a smashing version of Oriental BBQ Ribs for he local Naturist Foreign Food Fest. Also, loved to use my own home grown herbs to make rubs and marinades for chicken, beef, pork, fish and other items for the grill. Nothing tastes better than fresh caught bass or pike on the grill.Have you ever enjoyed hiking in the mountains or forests? That is a phenomenal experience clothed or nude, and much better nude! The beauty of nature and the natural wildlife and vistas brings me to spiritual heights never dreamed of before. We love to go to the theatre! We attend the Indiana Repertory Theater in Indianapolis. We also attend the Stratford Shakespeare Festival every summer in Stratford, Ontario. I was bit by the theater bug many years ago. And now that I no longer "trod the boards," I enjoy watching other young actors do the same. Lastly, we love baseball games. The Indianapolis Indians is out local Minor League Club, and we often go to see a night game. The best one of theyear is on the 4th of July, where a Double Header is topped off with a Patriotic Fireworks Display!

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