Sometimes I'm surprised about how people in the nudist/naturist way of life emphasise how nude they are. Nude when they read something, nude when they sit on the couch and watch TV, being nude while stripping off wallpaper, nude… everywhere possible.
Of course, being naked is something crucial in that lifestyle, but something that hardly ever is said is happiness. For me being nude is not the reason to be nude. It’s to be happy, to feel free and unrestrained by the burden of clothes, straps and elastic bands.
I can imagine how all that emphasis on nude is something that puts dressed people off. After all, it’s not their piece of cake, we’re not trying to convert them (unless I missed a memo about the Church of Nudity , or worshipping the Nude Spaghetti Monster ).
For the message to come across I think nudists and naturists should more focus on displaying and telling how happy being nude makes them. How relaxing it is, how free it feels. Those are values that mean something to dressed people, because let's be honest: how much is there in this modern world that can make a person happy, relaxed and free these days?

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  1. For me it is just a matter I like to be free of clothes. I'm not ashamed of my body. Sure I may not be the first person out there but I am happy with who I am clothed or unclothed. It has taken me many years to come to that realization too.

  2. Personally I think it shows someone that is intent upon seeing the words next to their name and knowing others are reading it. Its a simple form of exhibitionism because it gives them a certain "feeling". I may be very new here but I have no qualms about expressing my opinions in a place where they are welcome. As nudists we have to be willing to accept that some people might venture into this lifestyle just to experience a feeling of breaking the rules from how they were raised. Just an opinion.

  3. I agree Paul. I'm inclined to think it comes down to self objectification. If you flip it around you get an insight into what I mean.
    "This is me clothed. This is me clothed painting something. This is me clothed and gardening."
    It becomes very tedious very quickly and I for one have lost interest in it.
    I've found the only social feeds I'm following these days are those talking constructively about nude initiatives and social change, and groups where people are discussing intesting activities they've taken part in, such as a hike, run, camp etc. It's a given that they're nude, so that isn't the focus of the discussion. The activity itself and their enjoyment of it is.

  4. I must say it not only puts dressed people off, but me personally too. I don't care if you're nude or not. It's like saying daily in the gym "hey, I'm working out". I don't have a nude lifestyle during the greater part of the year, when it's to cold and I have to go out in public very frequently. So only when life outside the house (garden) is possible and you just need shorts and t-shirt, then I'm mostly naked. But even than I need to remind myself, last year I went outside to get our thrash-container after it was emptied and was half-ways I suddenly realised being naked…was really lucky no one noticed, since it was out of the back door, but still, when you live in a very populated aria it can be damn impractical.

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