Anti-social media

We all know that Facebook isn’t the place where naturist topics and images are welcome. More than lots of people I know have been kicked out of there and it’s

Tanline free activism

Original article in Dutch in De Volkskrant ( from December 6, 2014. Tanline free action against inequality Opinion: Women should not be discouraged to visit a nude beach or a


I went out on the bike this afternoon. It is very warm here at the moment, around 27c, and very muggy as well because of the clouds, so I didn't

Where 'Naked Crow' is available

Hello! Instead of throwing more and more posts on the wall that contain links and such, here's a comprehensive list of where "Naked Crow" is for sale: Smashwords: (Every


Sometimes I'm surprised about how people in the nudist/naturist way of life emphasise how nude they are. Nude when they read something, nude when they sit on the couch and

Naked Crow

Yes, I've done it. I've written a book that features naturism, and I did my best to put it in a positive light. It's also a fantasy book. The book's

3 kilometres is not the world

I just returned from my first naked bike ride. A proper naked bike ride. As the title says it was not the world – unfortunately I could not make

You can't do that!

Earlier today I was picking dry clothes from the drying rack, because even nudists wear clothes at times, which requires washing and drying them. As usual I did that in

Something from 2012 in Germany

On my nudist blog at I posted an article about the experiences of a gay German man who was hiking to his home in the nude. It was in

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