Meeting peeping Tom

A few days ago I was confronted by a problem-seeker, a man who lives in same apartment building. Today I met him again, as I came home from work. It was in the hall, so on "neutral ground".

At first he tried to ignore me, but of course I wouldn't let him do that. He didn't ignore me nude, now he wasn't going to ignore me dressed. I asked him if there was something he'd like to say to me, because I had something to tell him. He asked if I was going to take my clothes off again. Yes, absolutely, but not in the hall of course. To that he shared that he still thought it strange and wrong. I replied that I still think that staring into other people's house the way he did is strange and wrong, and that it was his own fault that he saw someone nude in their own house. His response was that this wasn't true, if I had not gone around naked he wouldn't have seen me naked. Then I just asked him how he would like it if I were to appear in front of his window, fully dressed, and stare into his house in the same way that he'd employed.

"You won't see me naked," he said to that. Well, that wasn't exactly the point. I just wanted to know if he'd have a problem with it, when I were to stare at him while he sat watching TV, or reading the paper, or doing something else. "Not at all," was his first reaction, but when I urged him to really think about that, to envision it, he changed his mind: it wouldn't be very pleasant.
Home nudist me

Then I left him standing there with the words: "I don't mind. Look into my house all you want. But don't scream at me when you see something you don't like. I'm right and you're wrong, and next time I will call the police for harassment."

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  1. <p>I think that the reaction of other people can be as varied as anyone can imagine. A frequent female visitor to our house recently spoke about the impending spell of warmer weather, she said that both herself and her husband enjoyed the privacy of a secluded rear garden. Almost without thinking I replied, "Being naked around the house in good weather is almost as nice as being outside." She gasped in amazementand replied "I never knew you are nudists!" The look on her face was of sheer excitement & laughter, she gathered her composure and then said "You never get naked when I'm here! Me & my husband have a few naked hours everyday unless we have our grandkids at our house." Since then she has been to our house several times, each time saying "Oh you're not naked?"  Perhaps one day soon we will be, then I can say to her "Feel free to join us naked, anytime at all!"</p>

  2. <p> my story  isnt  about being  right or wrong but rather  how we were treated after we   told  one neigbor  we like nudity.  .we werent confronted,chastized,   or  treated negatively,in fact, its been quite the opposite..  weve  been ignored..basically treated as tho we're lepers..</p>
    <p>  another neighbor, however, is more accepting  of   what we enjoy..  they have  2 infant kids so they have to careful as to when  they  do it.. but our admisssion of enjoying nudity didint scare or offend   them. . no we have nt been nude with em  yet, but hopefully  will soon.   </p>

  3. Trust me, I'm very relieved that this is behind me. It wasn't easy to stay calm and keep a straight face after what he'd done, but I think that did most of the trick, showing him that I was not scared or angry.

  4. well done Paul. To get an admission from him that he would find it offensive were you to employ the same tactics on him, is quite something. Whether naked or dressed, is immaterial, his behaviour was intrusive – and he knows it!

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