Why are you naked?

It was a warm morning yesterday and I woke early and felt full of beans
I decided to go cycling, nearly naked.
I went for about an hour with just a leather breech cloths at front and back.
It was wonderful!! When you haven't got shorts on your legs move so easily, free of the constricting lycra.
I could feel the breeze through my toes and over my whole body.

As I approached home, still in the countryside, I was passed by a lady cyclist.
She asked 'Why are you naked?'
I pointed to the leather cloth covering my genitals and said 'I'm not naked! I love being naked. Don't you?'
But she sped off.

When I got home there was a small boy riding round on the pavement by my house (he is about 7 years old I think)
As I pushed my bike in the house he called
'Excuse me. Why are you naked?'
'I'm not naked!' I said (again) flapping my breech cloth to show that it existed.
'Yes you are!' he chuckled.
'I'm not!' I said, flapping my breech cloth again
'I love the feel of the air over the skin' I added
As I turned to go he said 'Your back one's ripped'
'It'll do.' I said, and went inside.

I grant you that the breech cloth at the back is narrow, revealing the buttocks but not the bum crack, and it is pale tan so might not be noticed from a distance.
And the front cloth would not be apparent as I am sitting, leaning forward.
But I wasn't naked!

6 thoughts on “Why are you naked?”

  1. True.
    I would probably have cycled naked, but seeing that it was a lovely day and the forecast was for the weather to deteriorate the next day, I didn't want to waste the day in a police cell. So I took the cautious option.

    Sad, really.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous experience. I'll have to find a good spot for that around here someday soon and do that too, but then without the leather loincloth. 😉

    I am certain you wish you hadn't needed that either!

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