Something from 2012 in Germany

On my nudist blog at I posted an article about the experiences of a gay German man who was hiking to his home in the nude. It was in an area where lots of people lie around naked to enjoy the sun. The unfortunate ideas and perhaps also prejudice of one woman turned his life into a dramatic experience for a while.

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  1. I was in Germany two years ago. What l found interesting was that all public Lido's and swimming pools (outside) was they all had areas for nudist bathers, impressed ? yes l was. Also in Baden Baden, the spa's there ? the public pools and so on, these had nudist areas also, even more impressed, my wife was not so though (shame)

  2. Indeed, and all that on the suspicion of a woman who thought that he might be doing something although she confirmed that she wasn't certain of it. This is wrong in very many ways. That's why I posted this, so people are aware of this kind of mishap and legal idiocy.

  3. What's so extraordinary about this is that the system can send the police after this man, arrest him and take him to court for prosecution, and after finding him innocent of any crime, simply walk away as though nothing has happened. He, meanwhile, has been through the legal mill, and all the associated shock, of being dragged publicly through the courts.

    You can hear someone muttering: "there's no smoke without fire", "he must have done something wrong, or the police would not have been called…"

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