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hi to all you folks out there,just a mention about us naturist tradesmen.we undertake jobs in cusomers properties and follow the health and safty guidlines.i find that some customers properties are like an obstacle course for us to carry out the job we came to do.i am covered by libility insurance in case of accidents.working as a nudist property maintenance contractor my personal insurance does not cover for working without proper protective clothing.i love working clothes free but also like to be saftey point is if we get called to work on your properties,we would like to work in a safe offence to those who happen to have cluttered homes or caravans.

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  1. It has occurred to me that when a nudist wanted to perform work that had potential hazards from the front, that something on the order of a baseball umpire's vest and something like cowboy chaps could be worn. Depending on the work, a simple full length apron might do.

  2. I also love to work clothes free, though only not-for-hire so far. Glad to read Trevor that you can practice as a tradesman in the nude in your part of the world. I can only envy you and dream at this time in Boston. Though I drive nude on the job on occasion. Once I drove a four hour trip with an understanding coworker riding shotgun in the other seat of the truck. Nothing is much of a secret around my office.

    Welding in the nude would give me pause. Have you ever looked closely at the pock marked appearance of a leather welder's apron (or the truly hole-y appearance of an old shopworn welder's tee shirt)? Not for my skin thank you!

  3. a very good point about your moggies paws..thats paws for thought for our pet final point…make your cooking the right bits on your barbie..splashbacks from the cooking oil hurt like hell lol.

  4. Very understandable too. Safety always comes first. When I go hiking in the nude I make sure my feet don't get stabbed, when I play with my cats I'm usually covered too (if you don't understand then you don't know cat claws), so naturally you make sure you're safe for work.

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