Nudity and Censorship online via NudistNaturistAmerica

An interesting article on censorship of online nudity by "Young Naturists of America".

Is the human body truly pornographic? Why is violence okay while nudity is evil? Why are nudism and sex lumped together?

You can read the original article here:

6 thoughts on “Nudity and Censorship online via NudistNaturistAmerica”

  1. It's not just the USA that suffers, if that's the correct term to use in this case. Censorship/nudity/sex, certainly seem to get lumped together here in the UK. A naked man asleep on the beach is one thing, a naked man on the beach asleep with an erection seems to be another entirely. Why ? l don't know, it happens in bed whilst you asleep maybe up to 4 – 5 times a night and you don't know why. none of this is pornographic, why should it be ? it's only natural after all. So is it Prude or Prejudice ?.

  2. The main problem seems (to me) to be two-fold. Firstly, many people appear to be unable to differentiate between simple nudity and sexual intentions. Secondly, there is an association in the minds of many with the idea of "sin" if anyone views a naked body. Whether this is in the eye of the beholder, or the beholden, is a pertinent question which is rarely answered.

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