A real nudist has no tanlines.

This is a popular saying among many nudists but I think it needs a bit of elaboration. After all, I consider myself a real nudist (I am most comfortably nude as I write this). So why the elaboration? I have tanlines. Maybe I am taking this a bit too far, but that's how I am, I love messing with words and other people's minds.

Over the last 2 weeks I was out and about in the UK, often with textile-toting friends in cities and zoos and so forth. The weather was great so I wore shirts with short sleeves and shorts. These two items got me beautiful tanlines on my arms, neck and legs.

A real nudist therefore can certainly have tanlines. I assume that the tanlines 'everyone' is referring to are those of bikinitops and swimming trunks etc. Still I couldn't leave it to bother you with this. I agree that a real nudist has no swimwear tanlines.


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  1. Even nudists have to wear swimsuits at times. If with non-nudists I wear my speedo. Looks like i will be wearing it today 🙁 will be my first time this year. I prefer tan-line free, but either I avoid my other friends and family at any water source around here. Or I continue to hide in the few places I can go. Nudity is illegal in Maine, USA. And, "if" i go to the ocean alone i only cover to be narely legal when tanning, or wear speedo to walk.

  2. Sun Protection. I think like almost any other thing in life you have to find what works for you, without the expectation that it will suit others.

    Ozone. Like Y2K and "Global Warming" it's difficult to determine the actual truth and extent of the situation. Around 1901 or so, a hole over the Antarctic was discovered and commented on as a natural phenomenon. Some 90 years later it was declared the end of the world. Did CFCs contribute to the hole? Who knows. They didn't exist when the hole was first observed.

    The sun in Australia is very different to that in New Zealand. I had a well established tan here in Australia, went to NZ and spent maybe 15-20 minutes in the sun and burnt to a crisp.

  3. Is the purpose of being nude to tan? Or is that just a side effect. I love being nude and yet I don't spend much time purposely seeking a tan. My butt has never caught up completely and I've been nude outdoors for years.
    I've never liked lotions or creams either, but after a couple of brushes with sun damage and minor removals of skin cancers I can suffer a little sun screen.
    I think there is quite a difference in the sun of the 1970/80's when I started shedding my duds, and the sun of this era.
    Sorry to be such a dud, but care should be taken.

    • To me, and I think to most others, the purpose of being nude is to feel good, feel free. Tanning happens anyway, dressed or not. That all depends on where you are and what you do.
      I am definitely in the market for a high SPF sunblock, or I'm in boiled lobster mode. And I can do without that just fine.

      • I certainly agree with the main purpose of being nude is so as to feel good and free. I was nude for most of the weekend, but today I had to be dressed for 12 hours straight, the longest I've been clothed for a couple of weeks at least. As soon as the door was shut this evening when I got home, I was nude as fast as I could be, it felt great then and still does.

        Its definitely my primary reason for being a nudist.

  4. On the topic of sun protection, I've heard if you gradually build up exposure of your skin to the sunlight, melatonin increases and you gain natural sun protection.
    I've never liked lotions and cream, so I rarely if ever use sunblock. During the summer I'm mindful not to burn. On the whole a few weeks spending more time exposed to the elements means toward the end of summer I can spend all day outside and not burn. I just go deeper shades of brown.

    On a similar note. Did you know the skin colour of different indigenous people's is perfectly adapted to the sunlight in the region? Likewise their eyes.

  5. Amazingly, we actually lost a member because of the title of this blog. I think some people can be so damned sensitive sometimes. Ridiculous.

    Anyway, my tanlines are always under my rucksack straps. Otherwise, seeing as I have <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitiligo">Vitiligo</a&gt;, (a skin/nerves condition which gives me blotchy dark/white patches all over), I then have tan patches and no-tan patches everywhere!

    There's just no pleasing some people 😉

  6. No tan lines are the most aesthetic I think, but not always practical to achieve. For nude hiking the strap lines will be white-ish, the back will not be equally tan everywhere. And don't forget what your wrist watch does!

  7. I try and avoid tan lines and achieve as 'natural' a tan as possible. This means living and working outdoors nude as much as possible. As I don't often 'lizard' on a beach I tend to be lighter on the undersides – lower back, stomach, inner legs etc than on the upper surfaces.
    This to me is a 'perfect tan' but really all patterns are fine and I would never avoid the sun because I had to be clothed – or avoid swimming because I couldn't be nude so sometimes yes I do have tanlines.

  8. Tanlines aren't relevant to everyone! My skin is too pale and lacking in melanin to tan at all*, and on those with a mid to dark skin colour it's often not possible to see a difference in hue. And anyway, tanlines shouldn't bother any nudist who accepts how real bodies actually look at a particular moment; they could even be considered a species of body ornament.

    *I use Riemann P20 for UV protection, which seems to work well even at NEWT altitudes.

  9. Has Darren disappeared from the Naktiv site entirely just because somebody started a "no tan lines" group here? I find it interesting how some people will only interact with people who are identical in every way to themselves. Quite extraordinary.

  10. No tanlines isn't the ideal. It's something we try, but as Daniel Cohen already said, we don't see it as an issue. The blog is my statement against that statement that real nudists have no tanlines. Real nudists simply are nude as much as they can because they enjoy the liberating feeling, the freedom of being squeezed into textiles that become more uncomfortable as the day goes on and the temperatures go up.

  11. That actually reminds me of something quite funny that happened to me when I had a couple of days at a resort.
    I thought to myself finally I can get an all over tan.
    I went for a long walk the first day. Almost got burnt since I generally don't use sunblock.
    I thought to myself I'd have a great tan only to discover I had a near lily white behind.
    I've got this great hiking belt for carrying food and water. Thing is, it covers the top of your buttocks.
    As a result I had a very definite tan line in perhaps the worse place at a resort. It looks like I'd wore shorts the entire day 🙂

  12. I proudly have tan lines throughout the year from clothes and swimwear because I love the sun. I walk every day that I can, including lunch times at work. I do a circuit through the city that takes in the University which has spectacular grounds.

    In all honesty if the choice is to forego something in order to impress others, I'll forego impressing others every time. I'd rather be a real human than a contrived idealist 🙂

  13. I agree with this Paul. I also consider myself a real nudist and never have the tanlines from swimwear as I don't possess any of these pointless textile articles. As I've been lucky to enjoy the last two days nude outside I definitely don't have any tanlines of any sort currently.

    However there are days where textiles are required and I do acquire a darker tan on my exposed skin, even if I already have a good real nudist tan.

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