This morning…

Last night we had a lot of rain. When I woke up I heard a strange sound outside, a kind of splashing. That's odd because the drainpipe that runs outside my apartment has a few openings next to it, Excess water can flow out through that. Splashing means that there is water not flowing away. As it was quite early (around 4:15am, thanks to the switch back to winter time, which for Americans is the end of DST), I went out to have a look.

Hah, Autumn had provided a lot of small leaves that clogged the additional drain holes! I went out in the rain, in the nude, and took care of the leaves and some dirt that clogged the drain holes. After that, the water disappeared quickly. I threw away the leaves and then all I needed was a towel to undo what the rain had done to me. It hadn't felt cold (13c / 55F) at all. It felt very good to do it like that – getting dressed to get your clothes soaked and icky is such a strange idea. An umbrella was out of the question as the wind was very strong – and I needed my hands to clean out the drainage hols.

At that time the chance of someone being out and about was less than minimal, so I didn't feel like I would risk offending someone being outside naked. Truly, it was the best thing I could have done. Naked outside on the gallery, feeling the early morning rain on my skin without being cold, and fixing the drainage problem, all in one go.

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