Nudism….is it a Social Movement? Should it be?

Over the weekend my homework wanted me to focus on social movements from the view of the leader versus the group and think about what the group could accomplish that a leader could not, or visa versa. I initially started looking at things that were related to LGBTQ as I am a firm advocate for their causes and discovered that there are some great organizations and leaders out there to help out these individuals. This got me thinking though. A social movement should have groups and organizations that help advance the movement or the cause.

Should the acceptance of Social Nudism or Naturism have groups and organizations that help advance our movement and or cause? Should there be leaders that go out and petition society to accept our need to be textile free? I guess the question of the matter is…do nudist/naturists feel discriminated against? Are nudists/naturists denied health care or some or service simply because we don't want to wear clothes? Is the idea of accepting a nudists/naturist because of their need to be textile free enough to go to congress requesting they adapt the laws to our needs?

To address these ideas I found the following articles:


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  1. Yvonne,
    Thanks for the input and I am sorry for such a delayed response. As I made mention this was research that I was doing on the side in conjunction to my classwork (Of which I Aced). You are right, there are many locations around the world where a social movement could work for getting the public to accept a need for the acceptance of public nudity. In most metro's it could be possible…the problem is getting a figurehead in each of those metro's who have time, energy, and enough resources to mobilize the change needed.

    For class, I worked with a group of people concerning GMO labeling and something as simple as needing to label GMO/GE products here in the States is such a controversial subject…I'd hate to see how hard it would be to bring about Social Change for the acceptance of public nudity. I think with time, like all things, peoples opinions will soften and change…it is not going to happen over night.

    I do think that with forums and social network such as that its members can show that we can enjoy being naked without being sexually charged which will be a key point to prove.

    Thank you so much for your input.

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