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We all know that Facebook isn’t the place where naturist topics and images are welcome. More than lots of people I know have been kicked out of there and it’s not going to get any better there soon.

Google+ is among the places where naturism is getting a harder shoulder too: my account there was once jailed for a month already and a few days ago I was notified that it will be suspended indefinitely. The reason, again, was pornographic and sexually explicit content. After the account had been restored the first time I hardly posted anything there. Last week’s Sunday Noon Nudist however was what broke the camel’s back it seems.

They are probably right. It is hard to find something more sexually explicit than a naked woman climbing out of the water after a swim. Outside even!

I’ll miss all the people at G+ but I’m never going back there. It’s not worth having an account in a place where you can’t be who you are. For now Twitter, Tumblr and the Naktiv site will be my places of choice. And my blog/website of course.

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  1. its a pity there isnt a real facebook for just naturists and nudists,theeres a few naked social networks ,but theyre all porn related,,no actual chit chat social n ude media wnere people are on all the time,…real pity

  2. I agree with you. Facebook is very censored, no freedom there. There was a sharing site called "Experience Project" but that one has been destroyed by its owners. I suppose a Russian site would be OK if one spoke Russian. As an American, I would gladly trade 2 Obamas for 1 Putin.

    • Hi Bob – these russians sites have a choice of languages too – I have installed in German and English is available too. The search engine is by default in English – other languages available are not those spoken by me 🙂

  3. I have an account on the russian facebook version Nothing is censored there and you can find groups of all interests – nude or sexual. For searches especially with nude contents, I am using a russian pendant to google, which also does not censore anything and does not collect data like google does. So there are alternatives, but one has to know them and they should be spread. For me as a Swiss it is ridiculous to be forced to russian sites if one wants to live its freedom!

  4. The problem is when you want to keep in contact with friends in FB or G+. It forces you to respect their rules, no matter how ridiculous they can be.
    It's hard to escape from the tirany of these large companies when they virtually control internet.

  5. I do agree with you Paul. I also think that Facebook and alikes have ill-sided effects on people which we are just beginning to understand (the korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han is leading an awakening on the matter).

    the Naktiv site is somewhat different, not just because of nakedness and the freedom that comes with it, but because of the inspiration behind it; where rules are questioned and debated, where we can debate on "how it works" and why it works this way. This means that we can participate.

    To cut it short, in G+ o Fbook or whatever, we voluntarly submit our interests, personal data, digital behaviour and offline activities to better allow the marketing monster to do its work. A business octopus whose inner workings are kept as secret as possible even if they shape the way the users think and perceive their "social" reality.

    And we submit to this, while we are induced to believe that we are actually socializing, when we are actually just trying to self-represent ourselves in some decent purified acceptable manner day after day.
    Just my cent and a third, as usual.

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