Experiment II – Naked in Britain Day 2

The morning was sunny, but not warm.
I packed up my camp and set off with three layers on for warmth. Went through the second tunnel (480 metres)
It continued cloudy and not warm.
As I walked southwards the sun came out sometimes which really warmed the place up, but a breeze also started which cooled it down. Several times I was considering stripping off but didn't because of the breeze or I saw people approaching or…
At last, not far from Brixworth, I stopped and stripped off completely.
I then continued south. Sometimes I had to speed up to keep warm.
I met/passed cyclists and horse riders and walkers.
After an hour and a quarter I was spoken to by a cyclist who said a lady who had run past me (pushing a pushchair) had been distressed.
He then said something like 'we have to face up to what happens to us' which I took to be a threat that he'd call the police.
Once again discouraging.
I put on some clothes (mind you, it was getting rather chilly be then)
Luckily, I encountered no coppers.
Finally got to the train station (it was not well sign-posted at all!) about five and a half hours after I set off.

Was the lady who ran past me distressed, or did the cyclist assume that she was because she was running? (She was dressed in lycra etc, she was out for a run)
I'm afraid that this country has a long way to go – many people here seem to confuse nudity with sexual intent.
And then there are the busy-bodies who seem to think that they have to stifle self-expression.
Oh dear, oh dear oh dear 🙁

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