12 thoughts on “Finding the courage to enjoy social nudity”

  1. with people in general being as narrow minded as they are, some worry as to how they will be branded amongst society. most worries I think are based from overzealous, biased sermons from most of the church leaders through out society. The self righteous cause angst among us and the moronic teachings are handed down from generation to generation. To bad that people can't get obsessed about curing the pain and injustices of our world instead of having a conniption over seeing someones butt.

    • True. Society in general probably have the biggest influence on people in that there is the added pressure of what people who don't agree or understand will think, how they will react, or what they will say.

  2. Definitely. There's a lot of pressure on people to begin with. Worries that their behaviour will offend, that they may not follow etiquette. Worries of being viewed as too big, too skinny or not measuring up in other ways. Those and probably a lot of other little niggling doubts. But I bet everyone who has had positive experiences felt those pressures lift off their shoulders and now wonder what they were stressing about.

    • Exactly. Being naked can be a very relaxing experience, but often people who have never done it before think precisely the opposite. I recall my daughter describing to me how tense she felt before posing as an artist's model in a life drawing class. And then how peaceful she felt as soon as she had actually removed her robe. Enlightening.

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