First blog post: nude dishwashing

Today was a pyjama Sunday.

With a stressful job as a researcher I sometimes allow myself this, just reading a bit on the sofa and drinking tea.. And I just got out of the shower at 4pm, put on a comfy bathrobe just to get warm again, and had taken up the idea of doing the dishes. Anyway, doing the dishes with a bathrobe is of course impossible with those long sleeves, so I took it of and started to do the dishes nude (or FKK as people like to call it here in Northern Germany). It was already dark on the street in front of the kitchen (I’m mean, it’s Scandinavia, so not unexpected), and only one light was shining in the appartment building in front of mine, on the first floor just as my appartment. So I was nakedly washing the dishes, and cleaning a bit of the kitchen, when I noticed the female neighbour from the other appartment also working in the kitchen naked! I do think she noticed me during my dishwashing and cleaning activities, but when I finished she had already gone. Next time I’ll waive 🙂


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    • We have a ‘chill-out’ day when we restrict visitors to those who only need to be quiet, unobtrusive in any way, of course they ought to be naked also. On such a ‘Chill-out’ day recently we realised our neighbour had ‘hand-delivered’ a parcel to our rear patio. Our niece was having her ‘chill-out’ with her eyes closed & her headphones on. We spotted the parcel around 5:30pm as a phone call from ‘Eric’ told us where to find it, he nervously apologised for leaving it quite near to the snoozing naked woman. Fortunately she laughed, we laughed, then we finished off our ‘Chill-out’. Needless to say we don’t have many days like that one, thankfully !

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