First Time running naked in the woods this year!

I hate ticks. Sun is great, wind is great, warmth is great.
First, I ran 15min, then I was relaxing on a field and enjoying the sun for something like ten minutes, drinking my favourite soda. After that, I killed 7 ticks, on sucking at my penis. Yay.

12 thoughts on “First Time running naked in the woods this year!”

  1. Fortunately ticks tend not to bite until they can burrow under the fur of their intended target. Since naked humans have no "fur" they tend not to bite before we can find them and brush them off. Not 100% though.

    I went out here on Thursday, the first day over 50F (10C). I didn't see any ticks but there were thousands of honey bees buzzing about. Most of the bees seemed focused on little white clover flowers that have come out all over the land. I was worried that I would step on a bee and get stung on my bare foot. I managed to get home without being stung. Bzzzzzzzzzzz!

  2. Home made bug repel. 8oz coconut oil, 55 drops geranium oil, 15 drops cedarwood oil, 10 drops citronella oil, 9 drops lemongrass oil, 8 drops peppermint oil. Apply all over like a lotion.
    Keeps away ticks, chiggers, black flies, mosquito's…. I haven't found a bug that has gotten through it.

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