Naturism in Luxembourg? A little quest.

The following story is not written in a chronological way. Enjoy.

Today I discovered (after closely following the route as described online – yes, we DO live in the 21st century, after all) a naturist "plage" in Luxembourg. No signs, no indications that it would be a naturist place, but luckily I way one person there, just to know that I really found the right place.

To get there, I took two trains and then missed my bus connection to a remote village, so I had to "wait" (I mean "study") for one hour more. Then I walked with my compass in western direction and followed a general, long hiking path.. up and down… I passed some art pieces, clothed people having a picnic, beautiful water/forest sceneries, another turn and then I found it.

After the picnic/swim area for textiles, I did not see any other person on my way, so of course I thought about taking something off, but of course I did not (because I am me, after all, and I am a visitor in Luxembourg and would feel more comfortable if I knew where I was going and if I would feel part of a bigger group). Just before arriving at the "plage", a man (relaxed, wearing a white cap and some textile "beach equipment") approached me and we shortly greeted each other. Too late I had the idea of looking at the text of his cap, just to see if it said "FKK" or something alike. Doesn't matter; found the right place anyway. And I learned that (even?) more experiences naturists in Luxembourg do not get undressed before arriving at the place where there is no (official) sign to be found that the place is marked/used/reserved for naturism.

Anyway, on a Tuesday afternoon there were not many people around, so I had a quiet study day. I like studying while traveling..

In total, (according to google maps and the signs next to the hiking path) I walked in total about 6km and used public transport for about 4 hours in order to enjoy the sunshine nakedly for 1,5 hours. I can feel my legs now, also because I ran with my backpack just to be sure that I would not miss the bus again.
Needless to say I am looking forward to NEWT 2017! In a group and no worries about time schedules. Just getting the priorities as straight ad they can be.

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  1. Ooh, Vianden in winter must be magical! I have been there only in summer, during a book festival. I wish I could go to the medieval festival there.. Luxembourg is beautiful.
    Lim, I think you would LOVE the magic in the Müllertahl forest area! Trees and rocks above and below and next to you and nothing is flat! 😛
    It's a beautiful country, but since it is so multicultural (more than 45% is non-Luxembourger, whatever "Luxembourger" may mean) and that means that one has to compromise in a constantly diverse group. This means that the naturist community is very small. I think there is a correlation between the two.

    • Vianden was absolutely enchanting and magical that winter when I was there with my son. My wife and daughter were at a spa in Germany and I drove around with my son and we went to Luxembourg. It was my son's suggestion and what a good suggestion it was. Vianden castle was seated on a huge expanse of snow and as we walked up the slope to the castle I must have taken about 100 selfies with the castle for a backdrop. When we got to the castle, we were the ONLY visitors. Nobody else was there.

      Diverse groups and diverse cultures are fine and in fact wonderful provided all these cultures are tolerant and do not expect others to conform to them. European cultures are themselves quite diverse but it's the tolerance that is good. The moment you admit a culture that demands universal compliance with it, you are doomed. So I don't think multiculturalism should necessarily spell the end of naturism – you just have to exclude any intolerant and toxic culture from the multicultural pool. But alas that is not an easy thing to do and I think Europe has failed there.

    • Eveliina was there at NEWT 2016. Lovely story. You wrote it like a detective story. I like Luxembourg. It's such a beautiful country and Vianden castle is truly enchanting. I was there with my son and we were the only ones in the castle. It was winter and it was low season.

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