FKK as synonym for brothel in Germany?

This article was pointed out to me on the apparent slide from nudist to FKK to brothel in Germany.

Ok, I've finally read this piece of misleading and uninformed rubbish.

"In my talk, I traced the history of FKK from pre-war Germany in the early 19th Century to its present state as a euphemism for prostitution.”

The article "slides" from one definition of FKK to the next. You need to separate the 2 uses of FKK. The early 20th century FKK movement more or less defined traditional naturism. The reunification of East and West Germany,
certainly brought more eastern nudists into contact with their more Americanised (and consequently puritanised) western fellow nationals, but there is nothing nazi-ish about any of this.

Some bright spark then had the idea, to start calling strip clubs "FKK clubs", or "nudist clubs". These, in Germany, are essentially strip or swinger clubs, which are going under the name of nudist clubs. However the use of "club" is
easily misunderstood here.

You need to understand the difference between "club" and "verein". In Germany a "club" is like a "bar", and a "verein" is like a "group". So, when you see "FKK club", you can read it as "Strip bar". And when you see "FKK verein", you can read that as "naturist club".

I think the German FKK federation simply ignores the errant use of the term. Everyone over here knows what the terms are actually used for, when used in context. The author in question is perhaps a puritan academic who doesn't know
the difference between her ass, and being one.

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  1. I'm an American but not a prudish American. I see no real problem for naked people in bars. The more places and the more often clothed people see and interact with naked people the better it is for nudism in general. In several parts of the US there are half naked baristas selling morning coffee and the customers don't mind seeing naked. The puritans who can't stand the thought of seeing human bodies all bitch and moan about naked baristas. They are the same ones who demand that every human body be covered all the time.

    I can't say about misuse of "FKK" by bars, or even by prostitutes in Germany. I don't really know how that FKK translates to English other than I see it used for German nudism. Whoever wrote that article would complain about me out mowing my lawn naked, buying coffee from a naked barista, or anything else to do with body freedom.

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