Freedom . . .

Today, 27 April, South Africa celebrates as Freedom day. It was this date in 1994 that we had our first democratic election. Well we decided to go hiking again as a family but this time invite my Father in law. I was undecided if I should use this opportunity to chat to him or drop my kit and go nude and see his reaction or to walk the route fully clothed.

Well after walking for about 2 hours I turned to my wife hinting to her "What should I do?" as I wanted to walk in freedom. She asked me if she must ask her Dad. I said no I will. So after a few more minutes and gathering my thoughts I took a deep breath and asked him what he thought of nudity both within the home and within social environment.

His response was interesting, the only thing he felt was that in a social setting he felt guys had a harder time as everyone would see when they keep excited whilst no-one can see with a woman. But in the end there is nothing morally or spiritually wrong with nudity based on motives and actions. (If you are nude to shock people with wrong motives or nude for sexual purposes).

I then told him that I felt more comfortable in the nude within the home environment whilst my wife did not. His reply was that he noticed that about a month ago when we went away together that the kids had no issues coming into my bedroom whilst I lay there in the nude. So with this I asked if he would object if I dropped my kit and carried on walking. He had no problem with it. So I dropped my kit and ended up walking for about 6 hours in total in the nude.

The only time I had to cover up was when someone from a group of 7 noticed me, before I noticed him. When I noticed him I quickly put on my shorts. He asked is I was covered as there were ladies in their group. Other than that we had no other hikers on the route. It was sheer magic to have experienced that freedom today.

Freedom to discuss my clothing optional choice with my father in law and the freedom of hiking 5 hours in our beautiful country in the nude. I did ask my wife to take a picture of me even if it was only me from behind and my white butt showing, but she refused. Maybe one day . . .

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    • I am always happy to hear of genuine naturist adventures with textile family & friends. In our new place we are having to adapt to lots of new neighbours and 'friends'. (Or are they adapting to us?. I am very intrigued by different reactions to nakedness, but it seems that more and more people (in our experience?) are becoming more accepting of social nudity. (Specially when they come into our home!)

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