cannock chase

Cannock chase area of outstanding natural beauty the leaflets then go on to say room for all but dose that include nudists i have recently emailed the forestry commission asking if thay have a policy regarding nudists/naturists as yet I've had no reply there are a few secluded spaces that could be clothes optional officially or unofficially. I’ll let you know if I do get a response.
I've been hiking nude over Cannock chase since my teens, now in my 50s there is no part of the chase I havent walked nude on at some point or another. I still enjoy walking the chase now as much as I did when I first started. The chase is well used especially at weekends the number of mountain bikes has increased 10 fold over the last few years but there are a few places with little or no people even on a hot bank holiday Monday
I am thinking of arranging a picnic day over the chase with or without permission from the forestry commission if your interested please let me know.

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