Better Done Naked

Around the home there are many tasks that need doing daily & all of them can be completed naked without danger. (Frying pan catastrophe's are well noted as are burns from open oven doors!). I would hesitate to say what job is actually best done without clothes, but one we do every 6 to 8 months is redecorating at least one room. In many past years it was one way of making decorating 'bearable' to use a pun! No amount of misplaced emulsion or paint caused a problem we couldn't solve in the shower, no amount of yucky wall-paper paste was a problem to a rub down with a warm wet cloth!
This year however we faced a problem that we didn't know how we could overcome. Due to a disabling illness I am no longer able to physically do the painting & papering that I almost enjoyed. The easy answer of course is to get someone in to do it. Relatives who could do a reasonable job at least every 8 months were very scarce indeed. Specially any that would mind us both being naked for the duration. After a few selected questions to carefully selected friends we were given the name of a professional decorator who could come and do any room for us almost any weekend. We decided to phone him and get a price quote, my wife said I should also quiz him about his views of 'home naturism'. I somehow knew that question was going to be mine to pose, not hers, as she said it would be quite difficult & probably misleading for her to ask "Do you object to me being naked while you are at our home?"
I soon got into conversation with the likely candidate for the decorating tasks, his very friendly attitude & even better price quote made it a very good conversation, up to the point where I just had to mention nudity. I gathered up my 'respectable' persona, I took a couple of suitably deep breathes, then asked, "How do you feel about doing our decorating if my wife & I are totally naked throughout?"
For what seemed quite a while there was a silence, then came a laugh, he said almost quite casually, "That is just no problem whatsoever, in fact I was asked just two days ago how I would react if naturists asked me to work for them, it seems we've both been 'set-up' doesn't it!" It was my turn to be silent, then I too relaxed into the chat, saying "Yes I agree, of course you will stay clothed, we will most likely be naked and then we'll all have the opportunity to tell one certain person that their devious plan backfired!"

So it was that we overcame our decorating difficulties, had a very happy weekend watching someone else work and got kind of revenge on a so called 'friend'. The only comment I made to that friend was "Yes Rick did the job for us, it is always better done naked!" The friend was literally speechless, not knowing if Rick had got nude or not! Revenge Is Sweet!

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