Glynis don't like it!

I have never been 'shy' about anyone seeing my nakedness, as you probably understand! So there are virtually no circumstances that I can imagine that would cause me to 'cover-up-quickly' in the UK & most of Europe certainly. However within the past 48 hours I have had 3 occasions to grab for material to cover my lower half. In hospital in a semi-private unit I lay naked on the bed with just one thin bed sheet to cover me, although that cover rarely came up above my knees. Two nurses, a consultant & 4 or 5 ancillary care staff,agreed that I could remain nude if I covered when anyone was offended or if children under 16 came in. I couldn't figure out why errant young folk would venture into my area of repose, nor could I think why any medical person would find my genitalia or buttocks offensive?
What I didn't expect was an elderly woman who saw reason to bring a "refreshments & periodicals" display stand to the door of my unit. Visit 1 she yelled from the doorway, "What need is there to put yourself on display young man!", I felt an impulse reaction to pull up the cover but I resisted, I simply thanked the matriarchal person for calling me 'young man'. Within about an hour the same lady reappeared but with a small selection of cards & gift brochures to place on one small round table just inside the doorway? Why I don't know? She again gave me a scowl as she flicked a glossy brochure in the direction of my upper legs! Once more she called out, "Cover up, I have no need to view your equipment!". Before I could reply she scurried away.
One of my nurses came to take some readings for my 'chart' and she laughed when I told her of the senior harridan that had paid two visits to me thus far. "Oh yes, that's Glynis our dear old volunteer" I was informed, also I was asked to kindly pull my sheet up if Glynis reappeared! I wasn't immediately inclined to discuss the matter any further but I had already hatched a plan for the next 'Glynis' apparition.
The following morning just after 8:30am I woke up from a short slumber and saw there within 2 yards, Glynis! As my eyes focused and one hand reached for that barrier of material that would possibly protect me from injury(?), I saw a smile break out upon dear Glynis's face. She tapped my upper leg with a rolled up magazine & said "Don't you worry, I see you've been very unwell, these places breed germs don't they, so recover well young chap but take more care to not get a cold wind blowing over your 'parcel'. . ." she giggled, then she dashed away laughing like a teen prankster who had claimed another foil.
I returned home to my family soon afterwards, recovering and contented, with a lovely glowing realisation that I didn't need that sheet to cover me & any likley senior visitor to my home would have already seen my torso a great many times. My lovely wife however assumes that a rolled up magazine wielding 'Gran' could maybe one day take me out of my lifelong naturism. . . . I corrected her with a smile saying "This 'young-man' was already about to invite Glynis & her colleague an open invitation to our home with the assurance that a bed sheet was always 'at-hand' !

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