Hanging up my hat (Just me venting)

Well, I made it almost a year on Facebook with Live Life Leafless. Unfortunately I just couldn't take all the bullshit with that page and the self policing. I did a test for about a week, I created a fictitious Facebook page and posted all sorts of sexually explicit material all over the place, added all sorts of "friends," joined all sorts of adult related Facebook groups and shared out their sexually explicit posts. For a solid week I didn't hear one peep from Facebook over my behavior. Switch back to my real profile I post a simple picture of three nude women that displayed their butts and within no time at all I was given a 7 day day banishment.

So, with that I am just not going to do it anymore. There is no sense in championing nudism on social networking. I don't actually represent a business or real organization. Just an idea. I just don't understand, I had 800 people following the page. I received 99% positive feed back if you don't include the one religious guy that kept posting religious propaganda (which made no sense), one has to think with all the nudity on the web, that being nude none sexually wouldn't be as offensive.

I suppose it's best to take my page down than to have it taken from me. Apparently I am just Too Hot for Facebook.

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  1. I push Facebook to the max. I've been doing it for 2 years now. They did try to penalize me for 2 days, but I was back. Stuff I can't post on the Naktiv site, I post on Facebook with no problems.
    I have a big following from all over the world on Facebook on 2 separate pages and I'm sure I generate
    revenue for them big time. I'm sure they ignore me
    on purpose. Money comes first.
    I've posted a message to them that if they ever try to penalize me or even ban me, I'll take all my "friends" with me elsewhere.

  2. Admittedly, when I promoted another individual to Admin I started seeing things posted that I generally would have never posted.

    1. I would not post images that are clearly watermarked…meaning "Hey, this image is copyrighted and I don't want you using it without my permission."
    2. Really served no purpose to the cause.

    Of course posting these types of images had an interesting affect on the page stats. I will admit that once I promoted this other person to admin, I gained 200 "Likes" almost over night, which made me happy. So I bit my tongue and just put my personal beliefs to the side. Besides this admin was having "fun" with his/her new level of authority.

    I do agree with Yvonne though, it seems once you get "flagged" as being an "offender" you are on their proverbial "Shit List." I am just going to chalk this up as a positive social experiment and move on. I have learned a lot by doing this both on a personal and professional level.

    As I made mention in my final Facebook post, there are lots of other venues to use to continue expressing my ideas and thoughts, such as the Naktiv site, that have a better policy on nudity. The only downside to this and it is the limitations of changing minds. On Facebook/Google+/etc…, I have a broader audience I am not "Preaching to the Choir."

    I guess that's something I will have to learn to deal with and accept. I have another 11 days to change my mind. Maybe I will just have to establish some rules that mirror the policies of Facebook/Google+/etc…and make sure all Admin's understand this (or be removed from being an Admin). Such as censoring all photos, (which honestly is the only thing that is getting flagged) I just detest censorship.

  3. I'm one of your followers Martin. Such a shame. Funnily enough, I am so often exposed to "provocative" photos of women that, one by one, I stopped following those pages. They are verging on porn. I even once reported a page that was actually posting pornographic videos. NOTHING!!! I just don't get it. I rarely go on fb now. Bores me stupid. Double standards and such pettiness the likes of which I don't even see in real life.

  4. Yep. It would not surprise me if you have 1 single person who has taken a dislike to you, and constantly reports you to the FB morality police. I'm sure that's what repeatedly happens to me as well, as one can see here: http://www.naktiv.net/facebook-censorship.html

    And because of FB policy to protect the tell-tale with anonymity, and no real person to lodge a complaint with, you have no idea who has reported you, and no means of appeal. A bit like the Stasi, actually.

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