Behaviour on a nudist beach

After reading Yvonnes blog yesterday "your behaviour is your Passport" I thought it would be appropriate to relate my experience, a positive one. I have discovered a beach, across the bay from my home, which I hadn't visited since my teens. It's a half hour drive. I went there last week. Tentatively I removed my top, then I eventually removed my pants, making me totally naked. Yes, it felt soooo wonderful, however everytime I saw a person or persons walking towards me i would wonder if they were going to reprimand me for being naked on a non nude beach. Everything was fine. I was so elated with my experience I went back yesterday. Swimmers came off immediately I had been there for about half and hour, several people walking past, no issues. Then I noticed a guy park himself about 10-15metres away from me. I was a bit concerned. He had a backpack, fishing poles and asst gear. He was wearing blue Speedoes. I decided to dismiss any concerns and went back to my book. Next time I checked he had removed said Speedos and was sitting there. to cut a one hour story short, everything was fine, he was reading a magazine enjoying the sun, as was I. A short time later another couple stopped about 20m in the other direction and sat. Next thing I see, 1 naked man walking down to the water. To be honest, I felt a lot better as I didn't feel quite so isolated, as in the only person on the beach who was nude. At no stage did I feel intimidated or in "danger" such a relief. It's a learning process and I feel that if ever there was someone who was not "safe" as there was last week, I would be fine. 😀

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  1. Nice one Susan . We have a non naturist beach about 20 minutes drive and will be going there later. Lone male on the beach. I just can't believe no one uses it well only the people walking the's huge at least 2 miles long. When people come towards me with children I do cover up but not very often my little piece of paradise.. The nearest naturist beach is 2 hours away. The weather in mid wales could be totally different than here in the north.

  2. Great first time experience at the beach Susan. Keep it up. You will find that tere are a lot more nudists/naturists than you think… The freedom, liberty and environment of nudist/naturist lifestyle is so great.

    Happy nudism/naturism .

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