Beating the Cookie Monster Within

It's day 3 of my wheat free diet and so far so good.
The two most interesting aspects I've discovered so far is food seems to be tasting better. Perhaps I'm just enjoying it more, and eating it seems a much more orderly process.

Whether it's the lack of wheat, or simply having to stop and think "what can I eat that hasn't got wheat in it" appears to be taming the Cookie Monster within.

I know for a fact I'm an "emotional eater". Especially when I'm tired. If I've been concentrating hard, and feel a little listless, I tend to eat more as a mental break or treat than actually being hungry.

If I'm tired and hungry, it's a near disaster. I'll pretty much mindlessly scoff down whatever I can lay my hands on, which is almost always snack foods I know aren't doing my hungry or weight control any good. None the less, once the "Cookie Monster" within gets started, it's pretty much all over. Probably the main difference between myself and the TV character at those times, is I'd don't let any crumbs go to waste 🙂

The last two days have been somewhat different. I haven't been looking around for something sweet afterwards to finish off a meal.
Previously maintaining control was a conscious effort. I had to force myself to be mindful of my health goals.
The last two days have been entirely different. I've only eaten when I actually feel hungry. If it's not a main meal I've been choosing fruit.
I haven't felt empty afterwards either. Thinking "I've just eaten something, but I don't feel satisfied yet."

It's too early to determine if I've been a food junkie because of wheat. I do feel way more in control though.
I can't wait to see what results 1 whole week might bring. Kicked wheat feels a bit like kicking tobacco. You set your mind to it knowing the results will be worth it, and you do what it takes to be successful.

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  1. I find I'm eating very "clean" now. Meat/fish/fruit/vegies/seeds/nuts and very careful on what grains I choose. Avoiding alcohol/sugar/wheat. It is actually very simple, just challenging. Having an multicultural background means I love the pasta and bread! 🙂

  2. I stopped eating anything with wheat in it in 2004 when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, and I've never looked back. Its a much healthier diet, I always know exactly what I'm eating and I usually cook from base ingredients. Fine, so I can't eat cakes and biscuits and most chocolate bars, but I'm a lot healthier than I would otherwise have been.

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