Happy Birthday Barry !

I rarely attend birthday parties for anyone under 18 unless its very close family, or unless its a better alternative than the constant earache I would get for not going from my wife. Even in my mid 60’s I still back down just to avoid weeks of hassle from her. However, when a good friends son had his 16th birthday last November 20th, he had  just had a kidney transplant after 2 long years on machines and hours laid in hospital. Because his condition deteriorated quite quickly last summer, he ( & the family) missed out on a trip to Cap D’Agde and a visit from his older sister who also lives in France.

We arrived late afternoon at the club house of an ‘out-of-season’ naturist club. Although we had been assured the heating would be 100% working 2hrs prior to our arrival, there was a distinct ‘chill’ in the air.  As I had just overcome an illness myself I was back in my wheelchair and the extra cover of a ‘Lap-Rug’ brought a bit of warmth to my legs at least. In a couple of hours the place had filled up, it had began to get quite warm and several people had already put there clothing away in a very warm changing area. When Barry arrived he was truly stunned to see so many at his party and about 75% were naked too. We were later told there were three couples there who were textile and never accepted any form of naturism !  Barry was certainly in great excitement and overjoyed with each person he recognised again after 2 years away.  The party really got musically ‘rocking’ and both of us had got naked too. Then came a magical time, we all sang happy birthday to Barry, then as he turned to hug his dad & mum he suddenly saw his older sister there all the way from France, tall tanned and naked she ran and gave him the biggest hug ever !  Happy Birthday Barry !

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  1. i have never attend a naked birthday party. Once at home, i invited some naturist friends for a “carnival” dinner. They came really on time and I was just gettig out from the bath. I attended the door with a towell and said, come on, i will put some clothes on. My friends answered that it was not required, so i thought, the heating was on, i kept naked all the time.. It was fun, it was me the only naked guy at the table…

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