Health-giving nature

These are great days! There is a silence that seems to have dilated perception; there is no longer the background noise of traffic. Everyone is retired indoors, while their health is outside, in the open air, breathing oxygen, moving around, feeling the warmth of the sun after winter. Nature is a healer, it has no side effects if not beneficial. You can see how we are a virus to nature. I go out for my tour early in the morning, when the sun comes up I am already in the countryside, on the near hill or in the nature reserve. Every time I meet someone, but it’s rare. Nature goes on anyway. Now the plants of the Prunus genus are losing their flowers and putting on the first leaves, but you already notice the peach trees, with their beautiful pink colour. The fresh air sneaks under my clothes, refreshes my skin; as it suggested me to undress, which is not so cold any more: with the sun and 15°C, one can be naked and perceive not only with eyes and ears, but with all the surface of his body. And to hell with all the §§ of law and fears and shame. Nature seeks me out, offers me well-being, opens my lungs, caresses my skin, draws the eye to its thousand wonders. And I walk safely, nature doesn’t need to be sanitized. It is our main health-giver

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    • It’s not just bad news. But the good news doesn’t say that on the news. Interviews with alternative doctors are even censored on the web because they are anti-government, defeatist, because they go against the efforts of the government, or because they denounce the absurdity of specific measures (the holes in the masks let a camel pass by). As if the government had the only possible truth. Little or nothing is known about this virus. In Milan it was isolated for the first time, it has only the RNA filament. They know that 83.3% could be positive; that is, it could be a healthy carrier of the virus. And a thousand other details. We are inventing an enemy, a devil by attributing to him what we know the worst we can conceive. But this is not science. This is not nature: this is an abuse of power, prevarication, psychological submission. The best prevention, the best defence is not to create the breach: just think about the possibility (and nothing is impossible – by definition) we give it a chance. Even just doubt, hope, also trusting in medicine can be harmful and open the way to the spread of the virus. Even the false optimism of the #andratuttobene [it will be all right], #celafaremo [we will achieve] campaigns cannot hide the panic spread artfully.
      Because we doubt nature, because we consider it an entity not yet fully controlled, and this makes us angry: we who would like to be the masters of the earth and subjugate it (Genesis 1:28). We didn’t yet find a vaccine for HIV, and we expect to see a corona-virus vaccine soon? Among the many corona-viruses that exist and change all the time?
      I do not follow those who always go looking for the worst (inventing it, telling half-truths, distorting the facts) to summon the fighters. It is not a war. And I don’t want to have flags to fight under: it would be the height of it if I fell in the fight against this virus; it would be really foolish.

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