Here To Assist

Once again on Friday I had to go for a check-up with my hospital consultant. The only small problem I had was that being in a particularly ‘ bad pain’ time I decided to take my wheelchair with me & I asked my niece Lisa to come along too. After much experience Lisa knows just how I might need help when my mobility is really restricted. All went well as far as getting to the clinic and finding the right area was concerned, although I must say that a few “naughty words” fell from my mouth as I almost fell into my wheelchair at a very restrictive parking zone.  As we chatted to the secretary we told her that Lisa would be assisting me and that she would remain with me throughout the whole consultation and of course through to us leaving later.

Quite oblivious to our conversation the secretary said, ” If you go through to the consultants waiting area a nurse will come to help you undress.”  Both Lisa and myself were momentarily stunned, then  I repeated “Lisa is here to assist me throughout the entire thing this afternoon, I don’t need a nurse to help me.”  The secretary stepped between Lisa and myself and quietly said ” You will be required to take all of your clothing off– everything– and put on a gown so Mr Drummond can examine you completely”.  I stayed calm although I could feel inside I was starting to be agitated. So I said calmly and directly ” I completely understand what is involved with this entire consultation, my niece Lisa and no one else, will help me through everything right up to us getting back into her car. She will assist me getting undressed, putting the gown on, staying with me while Mr Drummond examines me and talks with me, she will then help me get dressed again and leave the area.”

I  saw her face change several times, but her look of stunned silence was possibly the best.

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