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I'm sure some of you know this, but a few months ago I had an idea to create a new facebook page for those of us interested in advancing nudists rights and in gaining places where we can be legally nude. So I created a page called 'How Can We Promote Nudism Faster in a Positive Manner?' at

In just a couple of months we have grown to over 1000 members and have some very knowledgeable people in our group including Bill Shroer, former AANR Executive Director, and numerous others who have had a lot to do with protecting nudist beaches etc.

Our goal for this group is to brainstorm ideas that can help us to accomplish several important goals for nudism, but in a faster method than is currently happening, and in a positive manner. We are aiming to gain acceptance in the textile community, to dispel myths about nudism, etc. I'll post the group description below:

I created this group to invite other nudists who wish to see nudism become more accepted and understood in mainstream society and feel that current efforts to do so are not accomplishing that fast enough. I also want to find more ways to reach and educate the general public that we need to end body shame and promote a healthy image of our bodies, instead of feeling ashamed if we don't have that 'perfect' model body type.

We need to find a way to change societies thinking here in the US that naked bodies are sinful, shameful, ugly and freaky. I too often here the phrase "that person should never be seen naked" or "I don't want to see a bunch of old naked people running around" and I would like to reduce this type of thinking by creating more positive body acceptance.

I know we have groups like AANR, NAC and TNS and they do a lot to promote this cause. But I often feel we could do more, on a grass roots level. I never see any mainstream advertising to promote this cause for example. I'm sure many of you have seen the Dove soap billboard promoting acceptance of larger women, as well as thinner ones? But I've never seen any for nudism. Maybe it's time.

I'm hoping we can put our heads together and come up with new ideas to accomplish this. It may require money, and maybe we do that through donations from other nudists, nudist resorts, maybe government grants, businesses, crowdfunding, and many other ways. That's what this group is for, to discuss this and many other ideas.

I hope you'll join me in this cause. NOTE: this group is to be just for discussing issues related to this cause, but NOT to promote nudism from within the group as everyone here is already a nudism supporter so it would be like preaching to the choir. It's also not to be used to promote any businesses, or other subjects not directly related to IDEAS about promoting nudism acceptance and understanding and HOW we can do this.

Feel free to join us and participate at:

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  1. Nice idea Guy. Do be wary of FB and content complaints. I belonged to a few closed FB groups for nudists and aside from the frequent bickering, back stabbing and name calling, there were often cases where images got reported by group members themselves.

    I note an interesting remark you make there about the prejudiced comments people express. It's funny to see attitudes change, and people catch themselves with the comment, "Oh we can't say things like that anymore," referring to the fact its no longer socially accepted.

    It shouldn't actually take social change for that realisation to be prevalent. If people in general simply thought in slightly broader terms, they might come to be more open and accepting.

    Ironically within the nudist community itself; those who basically condone nakedness. I find there is amazingly small mindedness. It surprises me a little that having transcended one social prejudice regarding the body, many nudists remain just as prejudiced and closed minded about SO much else!

    Good luck with your enterprise 🙂

  2. Fb probably won't be messing with our group because I don't allow pics which violates their guidelines.

    I also put together a general information website about nudism at that is as non nudist friendly as I could make it.

    Currently they allow artwork without censoring it and even photos showing bare behinds. I've even had pics of my behind reported about 8 times and not one was removed.

  3. That's a great idea, Guy. Although I don't know how Faceache will deal with it in the long term. They have a fairly censorious attitude there. In fact that's one of the reasons why the Naktiv social media network is here in the first place. In terms of promoting naturist/nudist/naked activities, you can do a lot onsite, and share your content directly into Faceache from here. In terms of advertising/PR I have some other ideas too!

  4. That is a good initiative unfortunately I do not have a facebook account as there are a few things that I don’t like about those social networks. For instance facebook itself is very anti-nudity, they even removed photos of artwork displaying a bit of skin. Of course I partially do understand their reasons, but I find it a too big restriction of our freedom. Non sexual nudity should be regarded as something normal. As for myself, I have a website to promote nudity and explain about naturism. But I encourage every initiative to make a change and make people think again before they put a label on us. So I do hope you will get a lot of followers.

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