10 thoughts on “Why did the prophets Isaiah and Micah walk naked for years?”

  1. It is an odd thing to say but it seems to me that many people have a very limited sense of what it would mean to BE a god. There are too many movie and TV depictions of the "old" gods of the Greek/Roman and Norse cultures like Zeus,Odin, Athena, Thor and Loki. They were very limited.

    I feel the Native American peoples have a better feel for the vastness and complexity of what I consider a god. It would have to combine the simplicity of a child, the cunning of a fox, the playfulness of a puppy, the intelligence of an Einstein, a Shakespeare, a Rembrandt, a Picasso, the love of a new mother and grandmother, the humor of a parrot and so much more.
    After creating a universe measured in light-years and built upon protons, neutrons, quarks and baby ducks anything is possible.

  2. Well, Isaiah was commanded by God, to walk naked and barefoot for 3 years, as a sign to Egypt and Ethiopia, about the shame they will endure as a result of becoming captives, if they don't change their ways. Not that nudity in its self is shameful, but in those days captives were walked around in public naked, showing that once proud people now have nothing.

    However, this section of scripture supports my feelings as a Christian, that nudity, even public nudity, in God's eyes is not sinful, since God commanded Isaiah to walk naked and barefoot, and God will not, and can not commanded someone to sin.

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