I Like My Daily Sherrie!

I now need a person to help me shower & check that my skin is not showing any area's of discolouration, tears or marks in general. This is largely due to both illness and all the accompanying drugs & patches etc. It isn't really too much of a problem though, in fact it is sometimes a cause for hilarity & odd remarks at 'odd times'. The woman who comes in daily to help me with my shower rituals is blessed with both a wonderful compassionate nature & a sparkle that just can't fail to bring happiness into our days. 'Sherrie' is thorough in her method of cleaning my entire body from 'Nose-To-Toes' as she phrases it so eloquently. Just this morning whilst she was washing my buttocks & 'undercarriage' she suddenly remarked "I haven't seen that before!". The silence that followed only lasted seconds but it felt more like minutes! Then she laughed as she realised the 'very quiet pause' in proceedings. She then said rather pointlessly "Haven't you seen this red patchy area at the inside of your leg near your anus!". I think we both laughed for minutes afterwards and passed the sense of happiness across to my wife when we got into the lounge.
Then when we thought the 'silly remarks' were almost finished with she asked quite calmly, "How long have you been naked then Patrick?" I looked for a moment in case she would realise what she had said. . . then I broadened my smile and answered "About 3 hours since I removed my bathrobe I guess!"
Having to accept the level of 'care' that I now need is not a problem to me or to my fabulous wife, I am truly appreciative of all who help me. Sherrie is a true treasure & whatever her funny 'unguarded' comments may be she is always welcomed in our home & in our bathroom!

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