DV8 Physical Theatre are touring a show called 'John'
Developed by Lloyd Newsom following interviews with 50 men on the subjects of love and sex
The info warns that it includes nudity.
I haven't got a ticket yet, but I aim to have one soon

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  1. I did see the show.
    It was brilliantly staged, with a revolving stage allowing different rooms and locations to be easily brought before the audience – but it is the nudity that brings it into this group.
    The early scenes were about a troubled childhood and the only nudity was bare bums involved in rape. Not a positive image, sadly, and not nudity either, really.
    The last 20 minutes of the show were set in a gay sauna, which was introduced by several naked men in the changing room, nothing hidden, no prudish covering up 🙂
    But the majority of this 'Act' had men wandering around and doing whatever with towels wrapped around them, although this is how it usually is in such saunas. Occasionally something would happen to cause an actor or two to be without their towels, but it usually involved sex.

    So there was nudity – proper, unashamed nudity.
    But none of it fits the ethos of the Naktiv site as it was all involved in, or at least in the pursuit of, sex.

    • So it seems to be, most shows or theatre 'projects' involving nudity rely on sexual attractions or actions. We would really enjoy any play or performance that was done by naked actors, that is usually performed by clothed actors! In otherwords why can't we see nudity as a 'normal' way of life and show that any part of life can be lived naked without sexual undertones.

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