Taking Off

A couple of years ago I was a conversation with a nudist friend. We were wondering why we hadn't seen a particular person at our resort in a long while. This person, like so many, felt she needed to keep her nudist activities a secret from all but the few nudists she associated with. My friend said, "I will be glad when she comes out of the closet". Although I knew what my friend meant, I wonder why the use of that phrase. The person referred to was not gay.

It dawned on me that I had heard that same "out of the closet" phrase used in other situations also. The gay community has been using that expression for a long time and for most people it is a reference to being openly gay and not hiding about who they really are. Why then are we commondeering that expression for ourselves? I think the nudist/naturist community need a descriptive statement of our own.

After some thought on the matter, let me propose: TAKING OFF. It is a double entendra, symbolic of both taking off the clothes, vestments, or social costumes that belie who we really are and the soaring with the freedom like the beautiful bird when it takes off.

I am presenting this for your consideration; please let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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