Just rambling.

Hi: I’m Mike.

If you truly enjoy an activity or life style say clothing design,motorcycle,cooking,boating what ever, you like to socialize with others who share your passion. You often make lasting friendships with others even if you disagre on other things.

My passion and my life are one of nudity. I live as naked as posible. I would love to be more social but live in a very conservative area where people who share my passion are ether embarrassed or afraid to admit they enjoy being naked. It’s nothing to do with sex, just the comfort of no clothes.

Every one are welcome at my home just understand how I live and know I don’t cover up. Your welcome join or not while here. I’m comfortable being the only nude in the room. If you invite me to your home and are accepting of my desire I would accept the opportunity.

It would be fun to share some of skjnny dipping stories. I know many of you have them.

Thank you for reading.

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