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Okay, seems that the administrators have not fixed a bug yet. You all know which one, that blank by the notifications. Visitor, friend request, a comment on a blog? Who knows? Who cares? Kind of liberating on one hand. No longer do you have to go to their profile and decide, friend or not? Admin has taken care of that for us. We can now just delete and never know what we deleted. Thank god I don’t have OCD. 

Should that snarky malarkey response to a well crafted piece of literary genius get you down, worry no more! Delete, delete, delete and never worry about the bad reviews you can’t access!

Am I being too hard on the administrators? Those same folks that revamped the site  for no reason at all, while leaving posts from almost a year ago? I don’t think so. But then again, what do I know, I can’t see any notifications.

4 thoughts on “Notified ?”

  1. I would prefer not to be advised of every time someone looks at my profile here. Most profiles here are open to all members to view. I find it unnecessary. It is actually annoying as I have to go to their profile to see who they are and they are now notified as well. No need for this service frankly. I would eliminate it!

  2. When the blank notifications first appeared I looked back at my already read notifications and noticed that it was all the “ has accessed your profile” notifications that had gone blank, others such as friend requests or replies to my comments were still intact (as far as I could tell). Personally I don’t want to be notified every time someone accesses my profile, so I’m happy.

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