Letter From the Publisher 12/15

It has been explained that “naked” is a state of being awkwardly unclothed and “nude” is a state of being comfortably unclothed. The subtle nuance between the two words is obvious when viewed emotionally. The difference between “nudism” and “naturism” can be just as easily defined if one knows the difference between the roots of those words. I am a nudist, comfortable without clothing. I, however, do not identify as a naturist as I do not experience any further connection to my environment other than an awareness of different sensations of touch – my cotton underwear are just as “natural” as sunshine. In my mind, naturists hold a philosophy more akin to religion than my pragmatic mind can adhere.
Allow me now to define “NAKd.” Where “nude” is an accepted state of being unclothed, NAKd is an emotional state of being unmasked. We all are actors in the theater of life. We all play roles in our interactions with each other. For instance, I am not nearly this eloquent but while going through the process of adopting the role of “publisher” I take steps to achieve a personality you expect. I am also not a very good son, yet my parents seem happy enough with me. The role of “good son” is a personality, a garment, I wear when I interact with them.
This doesn’t mean I’m suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder nor am I being maliciously manipulative, I just think and behave differently when relating to the various people in my life. Another example: I would tell the average pedestrian to “get stuffed” should he complain about my driving, yet I accept punishment when a police officer complains.
To be NAKd is to be vulnerable, unmasked, authentic in a way not normally experienced in one’s day. To be NAKd with oneself occurs often enough. We all recognize the irritation or shame or joy we experience in fleeting moments before we, as men, adjust our behavior to reflect what is expected.
This is the point of this magazine. We endeavour to celebrate those fleeting moments and encourage our readers to resist the urge to conform as often as we do. We don’t encourage anyone to streak during the Super Bowl, but we do encourage men everywhere to accept themselves as they are – flaws and all – and rest in that moment.
NAKd we can admit to being Rod Stewart fans. NAKd we can mourn the lives lost in Paris before deciding what the next step should be. NAKd we can seduce our lovers while washing dishes. NAKd we can disagree with each other without condemnation but attempt persuasion while honoring each other. Being NAKd is not a physical state, but an emotional one where men are able to be “as they are” without necessitating conformity – neither of themselves nor others. NAKd we can be, for a brief moment, without machismo; without anger; and without aggression we so often associate as symbols of masculinity and without affecting the femininity we cannot achieve.
Real men, really NAKd.

14 thoughts on “Letter From the Publisher 12/15”

  1. I've read similar opinions and I think I'll start paying more attention to the words that I've been interchanging rather haphazardly.

    By these definitions, I suppose I am more nudist than naturist these days. Not a lot of time spent out in "nature" lately. Unless you count my back yard, but I tend to associate nature with wilderness.

    Nude or naked? I am without clothes as much as I can be. I guess that would be nude at home or at a clothing optional site and perhaps naked when venturing into visible parts of my yard? And I must admit, I feel naked when driving without clothes, but I've been calling it DWN – Driving While Nude. Fortunately the abbreviation works with either word 🙂

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