Dressed, Ingognito ?

Our good friend Joanne came to see us yesterday. Nothing much unusual about that in itself, but what made me smile was the fact that both my wife & I were naked, Joanne stayed dressed because quite simply she is not a naturist. She does however wear some very 'provocative' clothing. Very tight short skirts,low cut & boob hugging tops, very high heeled shoes & quite a bit of make-up. She is a very attractive young woman, (she's around 40!)who really dresses to 'tease' & have a 'laugh' with people generally who mock & comment about her. She quite candidly admits that men ogle her and make lewd remarks about her. She comes to us on odd occasions just to 'chatter' and talk over so many topics and relate news about her family and her new grandson. The fact that we were (& quite usually are) naked makes no difference to Joanne, her talking and laughter rarely changes. What particularly was different on this visit is she commented on the fact that people come and visit us with little or no comment about our nakedness, but people who see her are always making comments about sex and sexual activity.
At the end of quite a lengthy chat she came to some agreement with us that "naked isn't actually sexy!" but dressing in a provocative manner which highlights but yet hides the sexual tones of her body, is potentially quite dangerous to her. We told her of the dozens (if not more!) people that see one or both of us naked every day, people just going about their usual daily routine, people who just happen to have a reason to call and see us, people whose only comment about our (or my) state of undress is when the warmth of our home is in direct contrast to the outside world. A local woman who brings a magazine for my wife came in and had a 10 minute 'rest' with us made a comment about needing to put warmer clothes on and a thicker jumper to keep warm on her outdoor journey's. Her main comment (which was in general flow of conversation) was something like, "it must be odd being so naked all day for you when the weather isn't that good, but I suppose it's natural & what you do!"
So here we have two very different yet related comments and attitudes towards nudity, it's comfort & it's non-sexual presence when sex is not the objective. I think that in our own little but effective way, we are slowly changing the 'accepted' attitudes towards naturists/naturism. We are by just being ourselves getting social nudity back into mainstream daily life. Many who come to our home don't actually notice weather we are dressed or naked! The only comment I ever get is when someone I know meets up with me in a very different location and they just don't (at first) recognise me clothed. They come out with that classic line, "I didn't recognise you with your clothes on!"

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    • The trouble with that though is, it would have to be "titillated up" to be "good television" and thereby defeat the object. A friend of mine appeared on "Come Dine with Me" and they couldn't have chosen a better idiot to show why I would never touch anything like that with a bargepole. Don't spoil the 'magic', Patrick!

  1. I continuously wonder at how you manage to "get away" with it. But thinking about it, you must exude such an aura of honesty and normality (I almost said virtue, but decided not to LOL) that people really do see nudism (and themselves in comparison) in a different and positive light.

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