Sometimes I feel as though I am going through life as an observer instead of a participant. I interact with people, help them, chat and whatnot. Yet, I feel alone. I think of myself as low maintenance, kind,sarcastic, and friendly. At times I am too smart for my own good, and I don't care abouts sports, politics, or cars. I enjoy a good philosophical debate, or abstract conversation. Yet, as i try to find or attract someone to be in a relationship with, I tend to find shallow in the moment people.
Nothing wrong with that type, but they don't satisfy my need for depth and emotion. I like to connect on a mental and spiritual level, to talk for hours, to just exist without either party putting demands on the other. I don't show my full self until I am comfortable with a person or situation, I seem to observe first. Not a great way to be but it does gice me insight into how a person is. I would rather be engaged by a person then start an interaction.
Maybe I am not as low maintenance as I think, or perhaps I am destined to wait until the right guy finds me. I am still going to look and try to find someone, but I sure am tired of being single.

Thanks for reading my thoughts and may good fortune find you. Also know that, even though I don't know you personally, I still love you.

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