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Applying for a new job…and as such, had to change some account settings (to limit what is crawled by those damn web bots). Should someone search by my real name. Not that I am afraid to let people know I am a nudist, I would just prefer it to be on my terms. Mr. Naktiv Admin, please forgive my need for anonymity and using a pen name instead of a real name for my profile.

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  1. As naturism is not illegal or even something to be ashamed of I am totally open about my lifestyle and it doesn't cause me any problems. Then again I don't post any pictures that might be regarded as dubious e.g. crotch shots etc so they are not going to come back and bite me!

    • I agree Richard. I stay naked in my own property and leave it to others to stay or go when they come into my home. The only times we make exceptions to our nude living is when someone tells us they are bringing a young child under 10 years old.
      I think that no matter how the parents of that child may or may not have talked about social nudity, it isn't in our style to confront a youngster with 2 naked senior adults. We do say that young people over 10 years old ought really to have been given some basic information and then given an option such as "Do you mind going to a house where you probably will see naked adults, or would you rather not go!"

  2. After some long consideration, I think my "on the fence" opinion regarding identity has fallen onto the nudist resort property side~! Yes, I would prefer to be honest and open about my interests because life is short, but there is the never-getting-called-in-for-an-interview side, which also happens to be the empty-refrigerator-and-empty-cupboard side. Sadly.

    If each of us has the determination to Carry On and keep working towards the future we imagine every day, then it might be better to say, 'I have nothing secretive hidden in my past' even to a potential employer. Lying and being deceptive to other people or even lying to yourself can induce so much stress, it is simply not healthy.

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