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What is with some of the people I come across, who either I meet in person, in chat, people who follow me that claim to promote Naturism and Nudism; are convinced that the act of it is completely sexualized. They have their minds set on sexual photos, videos, close-ups and talk about everything but the true nature of Naturism and Nudism.

I got news for you! What you believe in your lifestyle isn’t what you preach. “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment” ~ International Naturist Federation

Recognize and understand the difference, so you’re not confused with the real definition of true meaning of the lifestyle “Naturism & Nudism”. Yes, course we all have sex but, like in the textile world, there is a time and a place for everything — certainly not in public.

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  1. People keep saying that as if sexual is some kind of wrong. And they repeat it so often that obviously they are trying to convince themselves. "“Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature,.." The big elephant in the middle of the naturist room is that sex is the foundation of nature for all species including humans. Harmony with nature would accept and respect sexuality as and important part of life.

    Naturism needs to accept and respect nature including breeding. Naturism should not be sex clubs (swinging), but neither should it be anti-sex (anti-nature) either.

    • I don't say that naturism is a way of life that precludes sexual activity. Where groups of people meet up for naturist social pleasures (organised or impromptu) there ought to be a separation of social nudity from sex.
      As you so correctly say Bob naturism needs to accept nature and as such it can't be anti-sex.

  2. Take 50 men & 50 women from any naturist group/organisation and get them to live self-sufficient & naked on an island for 100 days.
    Then take 50 men & 50 women from any other group/organisation and get them to live self-sufficient & naked on an island for 100 days.

    Which group would survive most adequately?
    Which group would feel isolated & desperate?
    Which group would assume sexual activity was expected & required?
    How many naturists would there be in total after the 100 days?

    • I'll answer your last question: 200

      Unless you chose your textiles from a group of gymnophobes, I suspect the outcomes would be similar. The majority of the public see Naturism/nudism as harmless or even sensible (90% according to an IPSOS/MORI poll conducted on behalf of BN in October 2011). Very few people take longer than 30 minutes to adjust to social nudity even if sceptical beforehand.

  3. @Tony – I think most of us have a pretty balanced attitude about sexuality, as we do about nudity. The problem is with "them guys", those who are not accustomed to our community, those who cannot separate sexuality from nudity in their minds.

    Because of this, I believe there is some great value in presenting a nudist/naturist lifestyle that excludes sexual elements so that others may begin to learn what that form of celebration of the human body consists of.

  4. I'm in total agreement with you Scott. People smarter than me have described sex as an ultimate sign of affection. Others have leaned more to the recreational aspects of the exercise. I've subscribed to both extremes over the years… hehehe. The part that bothers me about this debate among the community is the segment of people who make it sound as if the two aspects of the human condition are mutually exclusive (or inclusive in the other extreme) and that somehow nudists are able to flip a switch about sexuality whenever they're socially nude. And the reason it bothers me (aside from the absurdity of the concept) is that it's a ridiculous message for the textiles and does more damage to the community's image than the rare sexual incident at an event. I think a better spin would be to point out that we're adults about sex rather than pretend it doesn't exist.

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