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    • He makes sense on the 'Types & varieties of bullshit' I agree, but many people have been saying the same things for decades. If Mr Stewart had been a cab driver or a store manager or . . anything else.. would you have been so engrossed in these same opinions if he told you in an elevator? or in the subway? Probably not, the 'entertainment' circus makes 'stars' not life changing words of wisdom!

  1. Though I haven't seen this mans TV shows here in England, it has become apparent to me that he has a cult following. It is part of the hype of the entertainment media to exaggerate the influence of such as Jon Stewart. No doubt his vast audience took to heart his 'sincerity' and his proclamations, but at the end, when all is over & the final credits have rolled, it is just mass media entertainment, nothing more!

    • Patrick, I am usually on the same page with you but I can tell you Jon Stewart was a legend. He wasn't perfect but he was perfect at opening penetrating discussions on some of the most important issues that we have faced over the last 16 year. We all look forward to discovering what he decides to do next.

    • My point is that the job of the entertainment media is to bolster and emphasise the people it puts out in such slots as his. I have no doubt that he sincerely held his views and ideals, I have also little doubt that he would have been equally devoted to his own ideals if he were not a TV celebrity, BUT it is TV that has given him his platform and his rise in popularity. So, as his popularity has risen so has his 'Cult' status. Sometimes when this happens too much emphasis & importance is put onto his words, particularly his finale.

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