Lots more laundry in the winter

It’s hard to miss the fact that I have to do a lot more laundry in the winter.

Now that I’m retired and living full-time-naked out in the country, I can get by without having to wash clothes for over a month.   During the winter it has to be done once a week or the laundry basket gets rather full.  All that unnecessary clothing in the summer just sits in my drawers taking a break until winter comes back.  Since Summer in Central Texas lasts for 8 months that leaves only 4 months of having to do the laundry.  It certainly saves on the energy bill.

4 thoughts on “Lots more laundry in the winter”

  1. Same here (also central Texas). Going out in summer is generally just shorts, shirt, and sandals, with a hat for shade. Winter can be anything from the same as summer to shoes, socks, pants, shirt, sweater, coat, gloves and warm hat. Sometimes in the same day! At least I can still generally be nude around the house, and even do some outdoors work nude during the winter months.

  2. I obviously own too many clothes, as it takes me about three months to get through them before I need to wash them, but then I’m not wearing them out either, so I still have too many… Yes it is more in the Winter though.

  3. nods in agreement. I observe the same fun fact here in Spain. Winter is full of laundry and log fires, I think most people don’t notice this as they do a wash load every few days. Summer for me is full of hiking with the dog and forgetting where the socks even live.

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