Me and nudism

Is it me am I normal,? I am happy with no clothes on any ware, my wife put up with me but is not comfortable at times with me. Iam open about my life with nudisum and Parkinson's, but people and friends take one step back . I take interest in there life's and hobbies with interest. So why is being nude a crime, I am discreet do not force no people but those that excited it are get the best of me. What's your experience
Writing in the nude

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  1. It's clear that everyone has their own motives and reasons for being clothes free. You need to understand and accept what your reasons are, then you'll be in a position to clearly explain it to others in a clear confident manner.

  2. Define 'normal'! Perhaps 'sensible' would be a better term to use. Being nude is not a crime, but in current society it is unusual.

    People fear what they do not understand. In your case that could be both your nakedness and your Parkinson's. By being open about your life with both you are doing the right thing; just be prepared to answer questions sensibly, no matter how stupid or unfeeling the question might seem, and encourage those questions. It's all about educating people.

  3. It is perfectly normal to be happy with no clothes on. I spend most of my day naked, my wife usually is dressed but she does spend some time naked aswell. Many of our friends are now used to seeing so much nakedness & most of the time it isn't even commented on. Our neighbour came in to let us taste some quiche she had made, although I was nude as usual she never much noticed me, she just talked with my wife about recipes!
    When we have developed a 'naked' routine that is simply 'naked living' we find so many people accept such natural choices quite easily. We are only cautious where children may be. That is one very careful area you must be aware of.

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